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MBA 711
Leading a Diverse and Dynamic Workforce
MBA 712
Developing New Products and Services
MBA 713
Strategic Competitiveness in a Global Environment
MBA 714
Leading the Organization of the Future
MBA 740
Introduction To Assurance Services
MBA 747
Financial Statement Analysis
MBA 750
Regional Trade Agreements and Multinational Corporations
MBA 753
Corporate Venturing
MBA 755
Consumer Behavior
MBA 757
Managing Workplace Stress
MBA 759
Selling Ideas at Work
MBA 760
Employee Training and Development
MBA 761
Project Management
MBA 763
Business and Ethics
MBA 765
Advanced Topics in Project Management
MBA 766
Contract Law for Managers
MBA 767
Project Execution and Control
MBA 769
Project Portfolio Management
MBA 770
E-Business Fundamentals for Managers
MBA 771
Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
MBA 773
Communicating for Success: Writing for Results
MBA 774
Sustainability & Organizational Management
MBA 775
Information System Security
MBA 777
Communicating for Success: Speak, Engage, Lead
MBA 778
Managing Technology in Turbulent Times
MBA 779
E-Business Website Development
MBA 780
Health Care Human Resources and Organization
MBA 781
Fundamentals of Health Information Technology Management
MBA 782
Health Care Finance & Economics
MBA 787
Quantitative Business Analysis
MBA 789
Health Care Organization and Delivery
MBA 796
Directed Project
MBA 797
Independent Study
MBA 798
Graduation Only
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