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INTA 303
Study Abroad USAC University of Pau, France
INTA 307
Study Abroad-San Isidro, Costa Rica
INTA 309
USAC-Lyon, France Semester
INTA 312
USAC Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
INTA 318
Study Abroad-Limerick, Ireland
INTA 324
USAC Costa Rica, Universidad de Costa Rica - Sede de Occiden...
INTA 336
USAC Thailand, Chiang Mai University Semester
INTA 339
University of Winchester, England
INTA 343
USAC China, Southwest University for Nationalities
INTA 348
Study Abroad-Murdoch University-Perth, Australia
INTA 350
Southern Cross University-Lismore, Australia
INTA 355
USAC Ghana, University of Ghana Summer
INTA 356
USAC Ghana, University of Ghana
INTA 359
USAC Japan, Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
INTA 360
Study Abroad-Harlaxton College, England
INTA 363
American College Thessaloniki (ACT), Thessaloniki, Greece
INTA 368
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
INTA 369
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland
INTA 380
Study Abroad-Valladolid, Spain
INTA 381
USAC Poland Semester, Cracow University of Economics
INTA 400
Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
INTA 406
USAC New Zealand, Massey University
INTA 412
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
INTA 415
Marburg, Germany
INTA 424
Colorado State University, Semester at Sea
INTA 428
Lorenzo de' Medici Florence
INTA 429
Lorenzo de' Medici Rome Italy
INTA 430
Lorenzo de' Medici Tuscania Italy
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