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ANTH 014
Languages of the World
ANTH 015
Writing Systems
ANTH 021
D2: SU: Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 024
D2: SU:Prehistoric Archaeology
ANTH 026
D2:Biological Anthropology
ANTH 028
D2: Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 040
FW:TAP:Parenting & Childhood
ANTH 059
ANTH 076
D2:Religion, Health, & Healing
ANTH 085
D2:Food and Culture
ANTH 089
D2:SU:Global Health Devl & Div
ANTH 095
FW:TAP: Ancient Pasts in Media
ANTH 096
D2: Religion, Health & Healing
ANTH 103
Political Anthropology
ANTH 104
D2:Archaeology of the Americas
ANTH 105
Introduction to the Major
ANTH 106
Preserving the Past
ANTH 112
Introduction to Syntax
ANTH 113
QR:Introduction to Semantics
ANTH 124
People, Poison, Place
ANTH 126
Police, Power, Prison
ANTH 135
Prehistory of the US Southwest
ANTH 136
ANTH 140
Primates and Anthropology
ANTH 141
Death, Burial, and Culture
ANTH 160
D1: North American Indians
ANTH 164
Indians of the NE: Vermont
ANTH 173
D2: Fndns of Global Health
ANTH 174
D2:SL:Culture, Health &Healing
ANTH 178
ANTH 179
D2: Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 187
D1: Race and Ethnicity
ANTH 190
ANTH 191
Teaching Assistantship
ANTH 192
Independent Study
ANTH 193
ANTH 195
Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 196
SL:Qualitative ResearchMethods
ANTH 198
Undergraduate Research
ANTH 205
Advanced Proseminar in Anthro
ANTH 210
Archaeological Theory
ANTH 240
Human Osteology
ANTH 242
Research Mthds Human Diversity
ANTH 245
Laboratory Archaeology Topics
ANTH 250
Museum Anthropology
ANTH 283
ANTH 285
Anthropology of Food and Labor
ANTH 288
Anthro Research Global Health
ANTH 290
Ethnographic Field Methods
ANTH 292
Independent Study
ANTH 293
ANTH 295
Food Systems Security & Policy
ANTH 298
Undergraduate Research
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