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CI; 4203
Mod Of Tching: Choral
CI; 4213
Appchs Teaching Music Instr
CI; 4303
App To Tch Ss Incorp L&Fa; Ec-6
CI; 4353
App To Teaching Science Ec-6
CI; 4403
App To Teaching Math Ec-6
CI; 4433
Appr Tching Science-Grades 4-8
CI; 4443
Appr Tching Math Grades 4-8
CI; 4543
Appr Tching Ss-Grds 4-8
CI; 4603
App&Class; Mgt Strategies G 4-8
CI; 4616
Clinical Teaching: Ec-6
CI; 4623
Applied Teaching: Grades 4-8
CI; 4626
Clinical Teaching: Gr 4-8
CI; 4646
Clinical Teaching: Gr 8-12
CI; 4716
Stdt Tching: Ec-12 Choral
CI; 4911
Independent Study
CI; 4913
Independent Study
CI; 4926
Internship In Education
CI; 5003
Theory Of C&I;
CI; 5723
Integrating Rdg & Language Art
CI; 5763
Diag & Practicum In Reading
CI; 5793
Seminar In Reading Supervision
CI; 5823
Early Lit Devl, Diagn&Pract;
CI; 6033
Survey Of Reading Research
CI; 6043
Survey Of Writing Research
CI; 6103
Research In Action
CI; 6133
Curriculum In Interntl Context
CI; 6513
Grant Writing
CI; 6613
Nat & Meaning Interdis Stem Ed
CI; 6623
Inquiry In Interdisc Stem Edu
CI; 6633
Equity/Agcy/Part Inter Stem Ed
CI; 6943
Instruction Intern In Teaching
CI; 6946
Instruction Intern In Teachnig
CI; 6951
Independent Study
CI; 6953
Independent Study
CI; 6963
Interdis Stem Ed Trends&Issues;
CI; 6973
Spec Prob: #Black Lives Matter
CI; 6983
Master's Thesis
CI; 7123
Critical Perspectives In C&I;
CI; 7863
Russian Contra Lit Psy&Learn;
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