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MARK 3300
Principles of Marketing
MARK 3310
International Marketing
MARK 3311
Business & Culture
MARK 3320
Personal Branding and Comm
MARK 3321
Hispanic Marketing
MARK 3330
Business Ethics & CSR
MARK 3340
Consumer Behavior
MARK 3350
Services Marketing
MARK 3360
MARK 3382
MARK 3383
Pricing Strategy & Tactics
MARK 3392
Event Marketing
MARK 3393
Sports Marketing
MARK 4350
Marketing Research
MARK 4360
Social Media & eMarketing
MARK 4370
Tp in MARK: Consumer Neuroscie
MARK 4380
Marketing Internship
MARK 4384
Prof Selling & Sales Manage
MARK 4385
Integrated Marketing Comm
MARK 4394
Music Marketing
MARK 4395
Fashion Design & Pop Culture
MARK 4399
Marketing Strategy (Capstone)
MARK 6300
Foundations of Marketing
MARK 6310
Marketing Strategy
MARK 6330
Business Ethics
MARK 6340
Market Research Methods
MARK 6350
Competing through Servic
MARK 6360
Health Care Marketing
MARK 6390
Marketing Seminar
MARK 8309
Research Methods
MARK 8310
Marketing Strategy
MARK 8311
Consumer Behavior
MARK 8312
Marketing Theory
MARK 8313
Qualitative Res Methods
MARK 8314
Markets & Globalization
MARK 8315
Services Marketing
MARK 8320
Philosophy of Science
MARK 8322
Scholarship Sem
MARK 8371
Marketing Topics
MARK 8388
Sp Top: Research Social Media
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