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THEA 100
THEA 107
Honors: Introduction/Theatre
THEA 220
Acting I
THEA 221
Acting II
THEA 242
Fund/Costume Dsgn & Tech
THEA 252
Fund/Scene Dsgn & Tech
THEA 262
Fund/Lighting Dsgn & Tech
THEA 300
Play Analysis
THEA 320
Advanced Acting I
THEA 321
Advanced Acting II
THEA 323
Stage Movement
THEA 325
Fundamentals/Musical Theatre
THEA 326
Voice/Speech Stage Actor
THEA 330
Stage Management
THEA 340
Costume Design I
THEA 345
Costume Construction
THEA 355
Scenic Design I
THEA 362
Lighting Design I
THEA 373
Introduction to Sound Design
THEA 410
Spec St: Hist/Liter/Criticism
THEA 411
Theatre History I
THEA 412
Theatre History II
THEA 420
Special Studies in Acting
THEA 422
THEA 425
Advanced Musical Theatre
THEA 430
Directing for the Stage
THEA 446
Costume Patterning
THEA 450
Spec Top: Design/Technology
THEA 464
Computer Aided Draft/Theatre
THEA 473
Advanced Sound Design
THEA 475
Projection and Media Design
THEA 481
Applied Theatre
THEA 490
Professional Practices
THEA 491
Foreign Study
THEA 492
Off-Campus Study
THEA 493
Independent Study
THEA 497
Honors: Senior Project
THEA 501
Intro/Grad Research Theatre
THEA 503
Elements of Design for Theatre
THEA 510
Studies in Theatre History
THEA 515
Alexander Technique
THEA 520
Master Class in Acting
THEA 523
Master Class in Movement
THEA 524
Master Class/Shakespearean Txt
THEA 525
Master Class in Voice
THEA 542
Social History Of Costume
THEA 543
Projects in Costume Design
THEA 545
Millinery for the Stage
THEA 547
Painting/Dyeing for Theatre
THEA 549
Projects: Costume Technology
THEA 550
Sp Top: Design/Technology
THEA 551
Model Making
THEA 553
Projects: Senic Design
THEA 554
Adv Drafting For The Theatre
THEA 557
Period Styles for the Theatre
THEA 558
Design Presentatn Skills/Theat
THEA 563
Projects in Lighting Design
THEA 580
Design Seminar
THEA 584
Photography for the Theatre
THEA 587
Comput Aided Render/Theatre
THEA 588
Digital Portfolio
THEA 593
Independent Study
THEA 599
Project in Lieu of Thesis
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