ELPS 350 - Coached Leadership Skills

This experiential learning course will focus on interpersonal leadership theories, practices, skill development, and application in supervised collegiate leadership setting, with an in-depth emphasis on leadership as a behavior (i.e., self in relation to others) exercised within groups. Includes leadership skills, practices, lectures, role/position/setting-specific training, and applied leadership experiences in service to the university (a 30+ hour or a 75-hour positional leadership practicum). Contact Hour Distribution: A leadership skills and practices seminar (one credit hour) and two applied leadership experiences – 30-74 hours of positional leadership practicum (one credit hour) or 75+ hours of positional leadership practicum (two credit hours). Repeatability: May be repeated. Maximum 6 credit hours. Comment(s): As the prerequisite to ELPS 351, all students must complete the one credit hour leadership skills and practices seminar and at least 1 credit hour of applied leadership experiences including technical competence training in a college student leadership positions/roles with a minimum of 30 practicum hours. If registering for 3 credit hours practicum hours should exceed 75. Registration Permission: Consent of instructor.
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