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CE 205
Professional Development I
CE 210
CE 262
Structural Mechanics
CE 300
CADD Applications in Civil Engineering
CE 305
Professional Development II
CE 309
Applied Professional Responsibility
CE 310
Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab
CE 321
Materials of Construction
CE 331
Geotechnical Engineering I
CE 340
Construction Engineering and Management I
CE 355
Transportation Engineering I
CE 371
Structural Engineering I
CE 381
Environmental Engineering I
CE 391
Water Resources Engineering I
CE 399S
Senior Design I
CE 400
Senior Design II
CE 401
Review of Engineering Fundamentals
CE 407
Honors Undergraduate Research
CE 409
Special Topic
CE 430
Geotechnical Engineering II
CE 432
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
CE 437
Honors: Geotechnical Engineering II
CE 440
Civil Engr Systems Dsgn Mgt
CE 441
Construction Engineering and Management II
CE 447
Hon: Civ Engr Syst Dsgn Mgt
CE 448
Honors Construction Engineering and Management II
CE 455
Transportation Engineering II
CE 456
Transportation Engineering Lab
CE 458
Hon: Transportation Engr II
CE 461
Structural Engineering II
CE 462
Analysis of Framed Structures
CE 463
Structural Behav Measurement
CE 467
Hon: Structural Engr II
CE 472
Steel Design
CE 474
Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 481
Environmental Engineering II
CE 482
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CE 485
Principles of Hydrogeology
CE 487
Honors: Environmental Engineering II
CE 494
Water Resources Engineering II
CE 495
CE 496
Water Resources Engr Lab
CE 497
Hon: Water Resources Engr II
CE 498
Honors Hydrology
CE 500
CE 502
Registration for Use of Facilities
CE 521
Pavement Design
CE 522
Mix Design for Asphaltic and Portland-Cement Concrete
CE 529
Applicat Linear Alg/Engr Syst
CE 530
Advanced Soil Mechanics
CE 531
Soil Stabilization
CE 535
Adv Foundat/Retain Structures
CE 538
Finite Elem Appl/Geotech Engr
CE 539
Geotechnology Seminar
CE 547
Design/Railway Transpr Systems
CE 548
Sustainable Transportation
CE 550
Transportation Seminar
CE 551
Traffic Engr: Characteristics
CE 552
Traffic Engr: Operations
CE 553
Geometric Design and Layout of Roadways and Community Facili...
CE 554
Public Transit Planning/Operat
CE 557
Transportation Policy and Economics
CE 558
Transportation Planning Models
CE 559
Transportation Safety
CE 560
Advanced Structural Mechanics
CE 561
Fin Elem Appl/Structural Engr
CE 562
Structural Systems
CE 563
Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials and Mechanics
CE 565
Structural Dynamics
CE 571
Behavior of Steel Structures
CE 573
Prestressed Concrete
CE 574
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members
CE 576
Masonry Design
CE 581
Construction Estimating
CE 582
Construction Scheduling
CE 583
Building Information Modeling for Construction
CE 584
Constrctn Confcts, Claims/Disp
CE 590
Special Problems in Civil Engineering
CE 595
Fracture Mechanics
CE 600
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
CE 630
Constitutve Behav/Geomaterials
CE 632
Adv Lab & In Situ Testng/Soil
CE 634
Engrng Soil Charctr & Behavior
CE 651
Analysis Techniques for Transportation Systems I
CE 652
Analysis Tech/Transpor Syst II
CE 653
Intelligent Transprtn Systems
CE 671
Behavior of Bridges and Bldgs
CE 680
Information Technology for Building and Infrastructure Syste...
CE 691
Spec Top: Civil Engineering
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