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ART 101
Introduction to Studio Art I
ART 102
Introduction: 4D Studio Art
ART 103
Introduction to Studio Art II
ART 301
Student Exhibition
ART 402
Art and Culture
ART 456
Studio Art Internship
ART 484
Museum St III: Field Projects
ART 499
Community-Based Art
ART 502
Registration/Use of Facilities
ART 503
Theory/Prac/Art Fundamentals
ART 504
First-Semester Grad Seminar
ART 507
Prof Prac: Teaching Internship
ART 511
Graduate Painting & Drawing I
ART 512
Graduate Paintng & Drawing II
ART 521
Graduate Ceramics I
ART 525
Graduate Ceramics II
ART 535
Graduate Time-Based Art I
ART 536
Graduate Time-Based Art II
ART 541
Graduate Sculpture I
ART 542
Graduate Sculpture II
ART 551
Transmedia Design I
ART 552
Transmedia Design II
ART 561
Graduate Printmaking I
ART 562
Graduate Printmaking II
ART 593
Independent Study
ART 595
Visiting Artist Seminar
ART 599
Projects in Lieu of Thesis
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