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SED 388 - 10-Advs In Undrstnd/Treat Aut

An intensive study of the psychological, sociological, physiological, and educational factors relating to the assessment, learning, and teaching of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Includes affective, cognitive, and psychomotor development of individuals with physical disabilities. Review of recent advances in the understanding and treatment of autism and related developmental disorders. The social forces that shape research and scientific understanding and the political forces that influence the delivery of education and related services, as well as implications for effective leadership in special education. Prerequisite: Graduate standing; twelve semester hours of upper-divisioncoursework in education, psychology, or other behavioral sciences, including a course in special education; and consent of instructor; additional prerequisites vary with the topic. Designed to accommodate 35 or fewer students. Course number may be repeated for credit when the topics vary. This is a Rotation Hybrid section. The students enrolled will be divided into groups and notified by the instructor which class days you will be allowed to participate in the physical classroom and which days you will participate online.
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