CS 1030 - Foundations of Computer Science

Foundations of Computer Science is a course for students who are interested in pursuing a computer science degree but have no background in computing. CS 1030 provides a gentle introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer science. In particular, students learn problem-solving skills and apply them by writing programs in a visual and fun programming environment that is friendly to beginners. Students also study, simulate, and visualize the inner workings of a simple computer. Class Notes: Sections 002 - 008 belong to this lecture. This section is intended for Computer Science pre-majors and minors. Non-majors should enroll in COMP 1010: Programming for All I. This course requires registration for a lab and/or discussion section. Students will be automatically registered for this lecture section when registering for the pertinent lab and/or discussion section. Some students may waive CS 1030 and go directly into CS 1410. To determine whether you should begin your programming coursework with CS 1030 or CS 1410, go to www.cs.utah.edu/~parker/instructions to take the proficiency test. This is REQUIRED prior to registration. Enrollment Requirements: Corequisites: "C-" or better in (MATH(1060 OR 1080 OR 1210 OR 1250 OR 1310 OR 1311 OR 1220 OR 1090) OR Higher Math) OR AP CalcAB score of 3 or better OR AP CalcBC score of 3 or better.
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