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ENST 100
Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENST 150
Environmental Issues in Society
ENST 250
Climate Change: Science, History and Solutions
ENST 270
Introduction to Environmental Law and Politics
ENST 298
Introduction to Scientific Diving
ENST 310
Sustainable Fisheries Management
ENST 320
Water and Soil Sustainability: Energy and Air Sustainability
ENST 323
Politics of Global Environment
ENST 335
Science, Health and the Environment
ENST 344
Environmental Ethics
ENST 347
Environmental Law
ENST 370
Marine and Coastal Environmental Policy
ENST 387
Economics for Natural Resources and the Environment
ENST 395
Directed Governmental and Political Leadership Internship
ENST 412
Oceans, Climate, and the Environment
ENST 422
Ecological Security and Global Politics
ENST 427
The Global Environment
ENST 436
Environmental Politics
ENST 442
Global Climate Change: Policy and Society
ENST 466
Business and Environmental Sustainability
ENST 470
Environmental Hydrogeology
ENST 487
Resource and Environmental Economics
ENST 490
Directed Research
ENST 492
Directed Environmental Policy and Science Internship
ENST 495
Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies
ENST 499
Special Topics
ENST 500
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Studies
ENST 520
Environmental Law and Policy
ENST 530
Environmental Risk Analysis
ENST 540
California Coastal Zone Science and Policy
ENST 590
Directed Research
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