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MEDC 101
Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
MEDC 111
Success in Medical School I
MEDC 112
Medicine and Society I
MEDC 113
Clinical Skills I
MEDC 114
Clinical Integration I
MEDC 115
Principles of Medical Science
MEDC 122
Medicine and Society II
MEDC 123
Clinical Skills II
MEDC 124
Clinical Integration II
MEDC 126
Foundations of Clinical Medicine I
MEDC 211
Success in Medical School II
MEDC 212
Medicine and Society III
MEDC 213
Clinical Skills III
MEDC 214
Clinical Integration III
MEDC 216
Foundations of Clinical Medicine II
MEDC 222
Medicine and Society IV
MEDC 223
Clinical Skills IV
MEDC 224
Clinical Integration IV
MEDC 226
Foundations of Clinical Medicine III
MEDC 306
Saskatchewan Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship SLIC
MEDC 307
Core Clinical Rotations
MEDC 308
Selected Topics in Medicine
MEDC 309
Selective Clinical Rotations
MEDC 407
Elective Clinical Rotations
MEDC 409
Preparation for Residency
MEDC 505
Clerkship Extension Course
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