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ENG 110
Literature and Composition
ENG 111
Literature and Composition Reading Poetry
ENG 112
Literature and Composition Reading Drama
ENG 113
Literature and Composition Reading Narrative
ENG 114
Literature and Composition Reading Culture
ENG 120
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 202
Reading the Canon Texts and Contexts
ENG 203
Reading English Critical Approaches
ENG 204
History and Future of the Book
ENG 206
An Introduction to Cultural Studies
ENG 207
Decolonizing Literatures
ENG 209
Transnational Literatures
ENG 215
Life Writing
ENG 224
Shakespeare Comedy and History
ENG 225
Shakespeare Tragedy and Romance
ENG 226
Fantasy and Speculative Fiction
ENG 230
Literature for Children
ENG 232
Gothic Narrative
ENG 242
Indigenous Storytelling of the Prairies
ENG 246
Short Fiction
ENG 253
Canadian Literature in English
ENG 254
Canadian Speculative Fiction
ENG 260
Crime and Detective Fiction
ENG 277
Literary Uses of Mythology
ENG 282
Feminist Critical Theory and Literature by Women
ENG 284
Beowulf and Tales of Northern Heroes
ENG 286
Courtly Love and Medieval Romance
ENG 288
Introduction to Film
ENG 290
Introduction to English Linguistics and History of English L...
ENG 294
Techniques of Canadian Poetry From Sonnet to Spoken Word
ENG 301
Old English Languages and Culture
ENG 307
Digital Literature and New Media
ENG 308
Creative Nonfiction I
ENG 309
Creative Nonfiction II
ENG 310
Old English Literature
ENG 311
The Canterbury Tales
ENG 312
Early Chaucer Dream and Romance Tragedy
ENG 313
Middle English Romances
ENG 314
Early British Drama
ENG 319
Renaissance Literature I The Sixteenth Century
ENG 322
Renaissance Literature II The Seventeenth Century
ENG 327
English Drama 1660 to 1737
ENG 330
British and Irish Literature 1900 to 1950
ENG 331
Literature of the Romantic Period
ENG 334
Prose and Poetry of Victorian Period
ENG 335
The Emergence of Indigenous Literature in Canada
ENG 338
Contemporary North American Aboriginal Literatures
ENG 340
Eighteenth Century British Literature
ENG 341
The British Novel 1850 to 1900
ENG 358
Canadian Drama
ENG 359
Western Canadian Literature
ENG 360
British and Irish Literature Since 1950
ENG 362
The British Novel 1800 to 1850
ENG 365
Creative WritingDepartmental Approval Required
ENG 366
Advanced Creative Writing FictionInstructors Signature Requi...
ENG 368
Approaches to 20th and 21st Century Poetry
ENG 373
English Fiction to 1800
ENG 380
American Literature to 1900
ENG 381
American Literature from 1900 to the Present
ENG 382
Canadian Fiction from 1960 to the Present
ENG 389
Structures of English
ENG 399
Introduction to Old Icelandic Language and Literature
ENG 402
Topics in Anglo Saxon and Medieval LiteratureDepartmental Ap...
ENG 404
Topics in 16th Century Literature in EnglishDepartmental App...
ENG 406
Topics in 17th Century Literature in EnglishDepartmental App...
ENG 410
Topics in 18th Century British LiteratureDepartmental Approv...
ENG 414
19th Century LivesDepartmental Approval Required
ENG 416
Topics in 19th Century American LiteratureDepartmental Appro...
ENG 418
Topics in 19th Century Canadian LiteratureDepartmental Appro...
ENG 446
Topics in Genres and Contexts of Modern LiteratureDepartment...
ENG 460
Topics in 20th Century British and Irish Literature Departme...
ENG 464
Topics in 20th Century American LiteratureDepartmental Appro...
ENG 466
Topics in 20th Century Canadian LiteratureDepartmental Appro...
ENG 488
Topics In Genres And Contexts Of Literaturedepartmental Appr...
ENG 496
Career InternshipDepartmental Approval Required
ENG 497
Honours ColloquiumDepartmental Approval Required
ENG 801
Introduction to Textual Scholarship
ENG 803
English Political and Social Writing in the Fourteenth Centu...
ENG 805
Fiction of Ursula K. Le Guin
ENG 811
(Post)colonial Ecologies, Decolonial Futures
ENG 817
Literary and Critical Theory: Past, Present, Future
ENG 843
Deadwood, the Western , and American Historical Fiction
ENG 990
Professional Development Seminar
ENG 992
ENG 994
ENG 996
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