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CMPT 100
Introduction to Computing
CMPT 113
Introduction to Computer Science for Engineers
CMPT 116
Computing I
CMPT 120
Digital Document Processing
CMPT 140
Introduction to Creative Computing
CMPT 141
Introduction to Computer Science
CMPT 145
Principles of Computer Science
CMPT 214
Programming Principles and Practice
CMPT 215
Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture
CMPT 260
Mathematical Logic and Computing
CMPT 270
Developing Object-Oriented Systems
CMPT 280
Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithms
CMPT 281
Website Design and Development
CMPT 306
Game Mechanics
CMPT 317
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMPT 332
Operating Systems Concepts
CMPT 340
Programming Language Paradigms
CMPT 350
Web Programming
CMPT 355
Theory and Application of Data Bases
CMPT 360
Machines and Algorithms
CMPT 364
Automata and Formal Languages
CMPT 370
Intermediate Software Engineering
CMPT 371
Software Management
CMPT 381
Implementation of Graphical User Interfaces
CMPT 384
Information Visualization
CMPT 394
Simulation Principles
CMPT 398
Special Topics: Information VisualizationDepartmental Approv...
CMPT 400
Research Topics in Computer ScienceDepartmental Approval Req...
CMPT 401
Professional Internship IDepartmental Approval Required
CMPT 402
Professional Internship II
CMPT 403
Professional Internship III
CMPT 404
Professional Internship IV
CMPT 405
Project Design and ImplementationDepartmental Approval Requi...
CMPT 406
Game Design Workshop
CMPT 408
Ethics and Computer Science
CMPT 412
Social Computing and Participative Web 2.0
CMPT 423
Machine Learning
CMPT 432
Advanced Operating Systems Concepts
CMPT 433
System and Network Administration
CMPT 434
Computer Networks
CMPT 436
Mobile and Cloud Computing
CMPT 440
Advanced Topics in Programming Languages
CMPT 442
Compiler Design and Implementation
CMPT 463
Advanced Algorithms
CMPT 470
Advanced Software Engineering
CMPT 479
Usability Engineering
CMPT 480
Accessible Computing
CMPT 481
Human Computer Interaction
CMPT 484
Graph Drawing and Network Visualization
CMPT 485
Computer Graphics and Animation
CMPT 487
Image Processing and Computer Vision
CMPT 810
CMPT 811
Advanced Human Computer Interaction
CMPT 815
Computer Systems and Performance Evaluation
CMPT 816
Advanced Software Engineering
CMPT 817
Usability Engineering
CMPT 819
Advanced Image Processing and Computer VisionDepartmental Ap...
CMPT 820
Topics in Learning and Intelligent Systems
CMPT 821
Advanced Topics in Programming Languages
CMPT 823
CMPT 826
Data and Process Modeling and Analytics
CMPT 829
Computer Graphics
CMPT 830
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
CMPT 832
Advanced Operating Systems
CMPT 840
Accessible ComputingDepartmental Approval Required
CMPT 842
Mobile and Cloud ComputingDepartmental Approval Required
CMPT 846
Software Maintenance and EvolutionDepartmental Approval Requ...
CMPT 857
Readings in Bioinformatics
CMPT 858
Topics in Modeling and Operations ResearchDepartmental Appro...
CMPT 865
Advanced Parallel and Distributed Systems
CMPT 866
Topics in Human Computer Interaction
CMPT 868
Social ComputingDepartmental Approval Required
CMPT 876
Image and Animation SynthesisDepartmental Approval Required
CMPT 898
Special Topics: Complex Network Analysis with ApplicationsDe...
CMPT 990
CMPT 994
CMPT 996
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