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MGMT 3330
Communicating in Business
MGMT 3340
Introduction to the Global Auto Industry
MGMT 3341
Dealership Fixed Operations
MGMT 3720
Organizational Behavior
MGMT 3830
Operations Management
MGMT 3850
Foundations of Entrepreneurship
MGMT 3860
Human Resource Management
MGMT 3880
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
MGMT 4180
Workplace Health and Safety
MGMT 4300
Recruitment, Selection and Placement
MGMT 4310
Sustainable Business
MGMT 4340
Dealership Variable Operations
MGMT 4341
Finance and Insurance/Regulatory and Compliance Issues
MGMT 4345
Dealership Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
MGMT 4350
Training and Development
MGMT 4470
MGMT 4660
International Management Perspectives
MGMT 4790
Human Resources Capstone
MGMT 4800
MGMT 4810
Purchasing and Materials Management
MGMT 4840
Compensation and Benefits Administration
MGMT 4860
Organizational Design and Change
MGMT 4890
Legal Aspects of Employment Practices
MGMT 4900
Special Problems
MGMT 5070
Management Issues
MGMT 5120
Managing Organizational Design and Change
MGMT 5140
Organizational Behavior and Analysis
MGMT 5300
Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
MGMT 5310
Employment, Placement and Personnel Planning
MGMT 5320
Compensation and Motivation Theory
MGMT 5660
International Management
MGMT 5870
Leadership Research and Development
MGMT 5900
Special Problems
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