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CJUS 2100
Crime and Justice in the United States
CJUS 2300
Fundamentals in Criminal Law
CJUS 2301
Correctional Systems and Practices
CJUS 2302
Police Systems and Practices
CJUS 2600
Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
CJUS 3330
Introduction to Criminalistics
CJUS 3350
Statistics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 3360
Anthropological Criminalistics
CJUS 3600
CJUS 3610
Juvenile Justice
CJUS 3620
Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS 3700
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CJUS 4200
Criminal Procedure
CJUS 4300
Comparative Criminal Justice
CJUS 4330
Domestic and International Terrorism
CJUS 4360
Criminal Investigation
CJUS 4370
Advanced Criminalistics I
CJUS 4460
Community Corrections
CJUS 4500
Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies
CJUS 4650
CJUS 4700
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJUS 4850
Internship in Criminal Justice
CJUS 4870
Topics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 4901
Senior Seminar: Criminal Justice and Public Policy
CJUS 5000
Criminal Justice Policy
CJUS 5100
Information Warfare, Security and Risk Analysis
CJUS 5200
Legal Aspects of the Criminal Justice System
CJUS 5250
Administrative Law and Justice
CJUS 5450
Punishment and Social Policy
CJUS 5460
Correctional Practices and Programs
CJUS 5470
Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS 5600
Criminological Theory
CJUS 5620
Seminar in Victimology
CJUS 5700
Evaluation and Research Methodologies
CJUS 5800
Topics in Criminal Justice
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