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ACCT 2010
Accounting Principles I (Financial Accounting)
ACCT 2020
Accounting Principles II (Managerial Accounting)
ACCT 3110
Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3120
Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 3270
Cost Accounting
ACCT 4100
Accounting Systems
ACCT 4140
Advanced Accounting Principles
ACCT 4270
Advanced Cost Accounting
ACCT 4300
Federal Income Taxation
ACCT 4330
Data Analytics for Accounting
ACCT 4350
Advanced Federal Income Taxation
ACCT 4400
Auditing Professional Responsibilities
ACCT 4410
Auditing Evidence
ACCT 4800
ACCT 4900
Special Problems
ACCT 5020
Accumulation and Analysis of Accounting Data
ACCT 5110
Fundamentals of Accounting Research
ACCT 5130
Accounting for Management
ACCT 5150
The Development of Accounting Theory
ACCT 5200
Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance
ACCT 5300
Federal Taxation of Income
ACCT 5355
Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 5380
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
ACCT 5470
Auditing Advanced Theory
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