CHS 111 - Medical Terminology

Self-learning approach to terminology used in medical professions. Emphasis on understanding word roots and building vocabulary. Class Notes: -This course is delivered online and runs on a condensed schedule.-Proctored exam meeting(s) are required and must be completed in person at the 365 Learning testing room on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.-Students are required to take all proctored exams. Students cannot pass the class without passing at least one proctored exam. A passing grade is 60% or higher.-$34 per credit fee applies.-Students must have a current email address in MyNEVADA.-Students should refer to their MyNEVADA accounts for the official start date and information regarding payment and refund deadlines for this course.-Call (775) 784-4652 or visit for more information. This class will run for six weeks total. Please note that, if you do not drop the class by the deadline or complete the class within the scheduled duration, you will receive a failing grade.
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