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LGP 922 - Employment Law

Using the Case File method developed in business schools, this course hones students' legal analysis skills in the context of a wide array of employment law problems. For each class students will read a case file that includes a memo from a senior attorney presenting a client with an employment problem and a number of relevant cases and statutes. During class discussion students will be required to analyze the relevant law in the context of the client's problem. Students analyze problems concerning employment contracts, wrongful termination claims, employees' rights to privacy, defamation in employment, and a variety of employment discrimination claims. Throughout the course, students are challenged to make nuanced judgments necessary to advise clients about likely outcomes. To make these judgments students must consider and weigh the law, facts, procedural hurdles, legal costs, business realities and human consequences of the problems their clients face. Eligibility: Open to 2Ls and 3Ls. Course enrollment is limited to 20 students. Course format: problem-based. Grading: final exam, 50%; class prep. and participation, 50%. This course cannot be taken for an S/U grade.
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