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EEL 3013
Modeling and Simulation in Electrical Engineering
EEL 3111
Circuit Analysis I
EEL 3112
Circuit Analysis II
EEL 3117L
Electrical Circuits Laboratory
EEL 3135
Signals and Systems
EEL 3216
Introduction to Power Systems
EEL 3472
Electromagnetic Fields and Applications
EEL 3701
Introduction to Digital Systems
EEL 3701L
Introduction to Digital Systems Lab
EEL 4081
Topics on Rehabilitation Engineering
EEL 4220
Electric Machines
EEL 4440
Optical Fiber Communications
EEL 4514
Communication Systems
EEL 4514L
Analog and Digital Communications Laboratory
EEL 4610
State-Space Control Systems
EEL 4657L
Linear Control Systems Lab
EEL 4657
Linear Control Systems
EEL 4712
Digital Design
EEL 4712L
Digital Design Lab
EEL 4744C
Microcontroller Applications
EEL 4750
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EEL 4829
Digital Image Processing
EEL 4905
Undergraduate Supervised Research
EEL 4914
Senior Capstone Design I
EEL 4915
Senior Capstone Design II
EEL 4930
Wearable Biosensors & Bioelect
EEL 4931
ST: Industrial Machine Vision
EEL 4949
Co-op Work Experience
EEL 5563
Fiber Optics
EEL 5613
State Space Control Systems
EEL 5820
Digital Image Processing
EEL 5934
ST: Intro to Instrumentation
EEL 6900
Supervised Graduate Research
EEL 6935
ST: Industrial Machine Vision
EEL 6970
Master's Thesis Proposal Development
EEL 6971
Master's Thesis Proposal Defense
EEL 6972
Master's Thesis
EEL 6990
Ee Exp: Master's Thesis
EEL 6991
DIS- Probability Systems Analy
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