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GIS 495 - GIS Internship

Students with third or fourth year standing apply theory and methods in a professional environment for a semester of internship with a local, regional, national or international private or public organization that uses geographic information systems. The position provides the student with new and persistent learning throughout the semester, and allows them to explore how geospatial science and technology is incorporated into a potential career. Students work with the CAS Internship Office the semester prior to research and apply for positions that appeal to them. Sample internships include work with diverse industries, small businesses, government agencies, and commercial, private, non-profit, or educational organizations. Submission of the CAS Internship Approval Packet and written permission of course instructor required prior to the start of the semester. During the semester of the internship, students follow a course curriculum that includes 40 contact hours at the host organization per credit registered; attendance at remote or on campus meetings, classes, or workshops; completion of homework assignments that support student learning and career reflection; and end of semester evaluations. Internships culminate in a letter grade determined by the above criteria. 3.000 TO 12.000 Credit hours
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