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MUS 1001
University Chorale
MUS 1020
Intro To Music Appreciation
MUS 1040
Intro Jazz Appreciation
MUS 1060
Rhythm and Rock
MUS 1071
University Pep Band
MUS 1121
Scenes from Musical Theatre
MUS 1140
Theory I
MUS 1150
Theory II
MUS 1161
University Orchestra
MUS 1181
University Marching Band
MUS 1192
Global Rhythm Ensemble
MUS 1330
Class Piano I For Non-Majors
MUS 1340
Class Piano II Non-Majors
MUS 1350
Class Guitar I
MUS 1381
Pembroke Singers
MUS 1411
University Band
MUS 1561
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
MUS 1621
University Jazz Ensemble
MUS 1641
Musical Production
MUS 1651
Percussion Ensemble
MUS 1731
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 1741
Jazz Combo
MUS 1751
Low Brass Ensemble
MUS 1761
Guitar Ensemble
MUS 1810
Class Piano I for Music Majors
MUS 1820
Class Piano II for Mus Majors
MUS 1910
Class Voice
MUS 2020
Vocal Diction
MUS 2140
Theory III
MUS 2150
Theory IV
MUS 2250
Class Woodwinds
MUS 2260
Class Brass
MUS 2270
Class Percussion
MUS 2280
Class Strings
MUS 2290
Vocal Methods
MUS 2430
Musical Theatre Styles I
MUS 2440
Musical Theatre Styles II
MUS 2540
Intro to Music Education
MUS 2810
Class Piano III Mus Majors
MUS 2930
World Of Music: Clcl-Cntmp- WE
MUS 2940
World Of Music: Antqty Brqu
MUS 2980
History Of Musical Theatre
MUS 3290
MUS 3301
Rehearsal Strategies
MUS 3330
Rehearsal Lab
MUS 3340
Orchest & Arrang
MUS 3351
MUS 3430
Musical Theatre Styles III
MUS 3440
Musical Theatre Styles IV
MUS 3500
The Music Industry
MUS 3530
The Recording Industry
MUS 3580
Audio Production
MUS 3610
Jazz Theory & Composition
MUS 3670
Studio Techniques
MUS 3800
Media Integration
MUS 3970
World Music: A Global Study
MUS 4000
Elem Mus Methods
MUS 4040
Senior Recital
MUS 4050
Gen/Choral Sec Mus Meth SL
MUS 4200
Sec Instrumental Music Methods
MUS 4220
Jazz Ped: Winds
MUS 4490
MUS 4580
Media Integration Prod
MUS 4750
Prof Sem For Pre-Serv Mus
MUS 4800
Advanced Media Integration
MUS 4990
Independent Study In Music
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