DSC 5010 - Found of Analytical Methods

Equips prospective MBA students with the means and methods of quantitative reasoning through a concise and applied process, which includes introduction to the concepts of mathematical economics, mathematical finance, and business mathematics. The course will cover essentials of algebra with business and economic applications, and essential of calculus with business and economic applications. Upon completing the course students will be able to apply mathematical thinking and quantitative reasoning to solve problems in MBA level accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management classes. The applications of concepts include, but are not limited to, Pricing and Inventory Control; payrolls and Banking; Taxes; Simple Interest; Compound Interest; Annuities; Sinking Funds and Amortization; Accounting; Productivity and Costs, Constrained Optimization (consumer and producer theories); Market Equilibrium; and Elasticities of Demand and Supply.
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