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HCIP 5122
Visual Analytics
HCIP 5370
Health Vocabularies and Classification Systems
HCIP 5375
Computer Vocabularies and Programming Systems
HCIP 5376
Introduction to Programming for Health Informatics
HCIP 6070
Current Issues in Health Informatics: Geospatial Analytics
HCIP 6100
Introduction to the US Health Care System
HCIP 6102
Healthcare Data Analysis
HCIP 6108
Intermed Decision Analysis/HC
HCIP 6134
Quality and Outcomes Management in Health Care
HCIP 6146
Information Resources Mgmt
HCIP 6150
Health Law and Ethics
HCIP 6160
Big Data Design, Storage, and Provenance in Healthcare
HCIP 6162
Knowledge Discovery in Databases
HCIP 6198
IT Internship Project
HCIP 6200
Principles of Information Security and Privacy
HCIP 6201
Health Information Privacy and Security: Law, Ethics and Tec...
HCIP 6213
Applied Healthcare Busn Analyt
HCIP 6250
Problem Solving Hlth Analytics
HCIP 6330
Medical Practice Management
HCIP 6342
Information Technology Project Management
HCIP 6380
Introduction to Health Informatics
HCIP 6385
Healthcare Communication and Leadership
HCIP 6392
Enterprise Health Information Systems
HCIP 6393
Advanced Health Data Integration
HCIP 6396
Business Intelligence in Healthcare
HCIP 6400
Health Informatics and Analytics Internship Project
HCIP 6500
Complex Adaptive Systems
HCIP 6520
Network Science
HCIP 6800
Health Informatics and Analytics Independent Study
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