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FINN 3000
Topics in Finance: Risk and Insurance Sales and Negotiations
FINN 3120
Financial Management
FINN 3221
Fin Institutions & Markets
FINN 3222
FINN 3223
International Financial Management
FINN 3225
Commercial Bank Management
FINN 3226
Financial Theory & Practice
FINN 3255
Real Estate Principles
FINN 3261
Real Estate Finance
FINN 3265
Asset & Property Management
FINN 3271
Prin of Risk Mgmt & Insur
FINN 3272
Life Ins & Prof Fin Planning
FINN 3273
Property and Casualty
FINN 3275
Adv Risk Management
FINN 3276
Employee Benefits
FINN 3400
Finance Internship
FINN 3800
Directed Study
FINN 4158
Student Managed Investment Fund I
FINN 4159
Student Managed Investment Fund II
FINN 4275
Corporate Risk Management
FINN 5275
Corporate Risk Management
FINN 6058
Special Topics in Financial Services: Real Estate Investment...
FINN 6203
Financial Economic Theory
FINN 6210
Financial Elements Derivatives
FINN 6211
Fxd Incm Secrties & Credit Rsk
FINN 6212
Advncd Financial Derivatives
FINN 6213
Rsk Mngmnt & Fnancial Institns
FINN 6214
Asset & Portfolio Management
FINN 6215
Risk Mngmnt in Insurance Cmpns
FINN 6216
Quantitative Risk Management
FINN 6219
Financial Econometrics
FINN 6800
Directed Study in Finance
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