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Plantation Lullabies: Literature by and about African Americ...
First-Year Seminar: Assumed Identities: Performance in Photo...
WGST 101
Introduction to Women's Studies
WGST 111
Introduction to Sexuality Studies
WGST 124
Sex and Gender in Society
WGST 140
Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Culture and Literature
WGST 144
Women in the United States from Settlement to Present
WGST 188
Introduction to Women and Music
WGST 200
Gender and Sexuality in Africa
WGST 202
Introduction to Feminist Thought
WGST 217
Women and Politics
WGST 222
Prehistoric Art
WGST 224
Introduction to Gender and Communication
WGST 225
Space, Place, and Difference
WGST 230
Women in Contemporary Art: A Field Study
WGST 231
Gender and Popular Culture
WGST 232
Identity in Transit: Performing the Self through Photography
WGST 233
Introduction to Latina Literature
WGST 241
Women in Ancient Rome
Women in Ancient Rome
WGST 248
Women in Opera
WGST 249
Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justi...
WGST 250
Women in German Cinema
WGST 253
A Social History of Jewish Women in America
WGST 259
Towards Emancipation? Women in Modern Europe
Literature and Gender
WGST 264
Gender in Russian History
WGST 265
Feminism and Political Theory
WGST 266
Black Women in America
Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society
WGST 275
Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society
WGST 278
Women in Science
WGST 281
Gender and Global Change
WGST 290
Special Topics in Women's Studies
WGST 313
Women and the Law in Africa and the Middle East
WGST 325
Encountering Art in the Unexpected: Borderlands and Story in...
WGST 329
Middle East Women Writers
WGST 337
African Gender History
WGST 340
Leadership in Violence Prevention for Peer Educators
WGST 350
Spitting in the Wind: "American" Women, Art, and Activism
WGST 354
American Women's History to 1865
WGST 361
Asian American Women's Writing
Mary in the Christian Tradition
WGST 368
Women of Color in Contemporary United States Social Movement...
WGST 388
The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive Health
WGST 393
Practicum in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 396
Independent Reading and Research
WGST 442
Gender, Class, Race, and Mass Media
WGST 443
Cultures and Politics of Reproduction
WGST 444
Race, Class, and Gender
WGST 447
Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East
WGST 451
Women in the Visual Arts II
WGST 458
Archaeology of Sex and Gender
WGST 471
Gender and Sexuality in Middle Eastern Literature
WGST 477
Advanced Feminist Political Theory
WGST 482
Sex, Gender, and Religion in South Asia
WGST 486
Exploration of Russian "Women's Prose" and Svetlana Alexievi...
WGST 524
Gender, Communication, and Culture
Performance of Women of Color
WGST 569
African American Women's History
WGST 666
Queer Latina/o Photography and Literature
Honors in Women's Studies
Honors in Women's Studies
WGST 695
Senior Seminar: Principles of Feminist Inquiry
WGST 725
Selected Readings in the Comparative or Global History of Wo...
WGST 730
Feminist and Gender Theory for Historians
WGST 751
Gender and Visual Culture
WGST 790
Graduate Seminar in Women's Studies
WGST 796
Graduate Independent Reading and Research
WGST 890
Topics in Women's Studies
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