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SPAN 100
Elementary Spanish Review
SPAN 101
Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102
Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 105
Spanish for High Beginners
SPAN 203
Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 204
Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 255
Conversation I
Conversation I
SPAN 260
Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature
Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature
SPAN 261
Advanced Spanish in Context
SPAN 265
Spanish Language and Culture for the Professions
SPAN 266
Spanish Conversation for Heritage Learners
SPAN 267
Advanced Spanish in Context for Heritage Learners
SPAN 292
Approaches to Spanish Language Teaching
SPAN 293
Spanish Service Learning
SPAN 300
Spanish Composition and Grammar Review
SPAN 301
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
SPAN 308
LAC Recitation
SPAN 320
Spanish for Business
SPAN 321
Spanish for the Medical Professions
SPAN 323
Spanish for the Legal Professions
SPAN 326
Spanish Grammar and Composition for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 329
Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement
SPAN 330
Cult Hist Hisp World
SPAN 331
Cultural Hist Hisp World II
SPAN 333
Conversation Spanish Cinema
SPAN 335
Hisp Community
SPAN 338
Trans-Atlantic Cultural Topics
SPAN 340
Iberian Cultural Topics
SPAN 344
Latin@ American Cultural Topics
SPAN 345
Carib & South Cone
SPAN 350
Adv Conv And Comp
SPAN 351
Spanish Interpretation I
SPAN 360
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 361
Hispanic Film
SPAN 369
Introduction to Translation
SPAN 370
Spanish Translation II
SPAN 371
Studies in Spanish Literature
SPAN 373
Studies in Latin American Literature
SPAN 376
Phonetics and Phonology
SPAN 377
Grammatical Structure of Spanish
SPAN 378
Afro-Hispanic Language Contacts
SPAN 380
Studies in Spanish Drama
SPAN 381
Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 385
Contemporary Spanish American Prose Fiction
SPAN 386
Literature and Politics in Central America
SPAN 387
Eroticism in Contemporary Latin American Literature
SPAN 388
Narratives of the Mexican Revolution
SPAN 389
Outside Cuba: Diasporic Literature and Culture
SPAN 394
Creative Writing in Spanish
SPAN 395
Research for Advanced Students
SPAN 397
Undergraduate Seminar in Language and Linguistics
SPAN 398
Undergraduate Seminar in Literature and Culture
SPAN 401
Beginning Accelerated Spanish
SPAN 402
Intermediate Accelerated Spanish
SPAN 405
Intermediate Spanish for Health Care Professionals
SPAN 414
Languages of Spain I
SPAN 415
Languages of Spain II
SPAN 601
Spanish for Reading
SPAN 613
Colonial and 19th-Century Spanish American Literature
SPAN 614
Modernist and Contemporary Spanish American Literature
SPAN 621
Literary and Cultural History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 625
Indigenous Literatures and Cultures of the Américas
SPAN 630
Lit Visual Arts Spain
SPAN 650
The Spanish Comedia of the Golden Age
SPAN 677
Spanish Syntax
SPAN 678
History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 679
Spanish Pragmatics
SPAN 680
Not Listed
SPAN 682
Spanish Sociolinguistics
SPAN 683
Guaraní Linguistics
Honors Thesis
Honors Thesis in Spanish
SPAN 701
Castilian Heg To 1369
SPAN 702
The Trastamara Dynasty: 1369 to 1504/1516
SPAN 709
Nonfiction Prose of the 16th and 17th Centuries
SPAN 712
The Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPAN 725
Span Golden Age Prose
SPAN 737
Topics in Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory
SPAN 738
Topics in the Intellectual History of Spain
SPAN 742
Poiesis in Spanish America
SPAN 744
Aesth Of Baroque
SPAN 745
SPAN 747
The Contemporary Spanish American Novel
SPAN 750
Enlightenment and Romanticism in Spain
SPAN 835
Seminar in Spanish American Literature
SPAN 840
Special Readings
SPAN 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
SPAN 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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