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First-Year Seminar: Rationalization and the Changing Nature...
First-Year Seminar: Globalization, Work, and Inequality
First-Year Seminar: Equality of Educational Opportunity Then...
First-Year Seminar: Citizenship and Society in the United St...
First-Year Seminar: Human Societies and Genomics
First-Year Seminar: The Pursuit of Happiness
FYS: Pursuit Of Happiness
First-Year Seminar: Race and Ethnicity in the United States
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
SOCI 101
Sociological Perspectives
Soc Perspectives
SOCI 111
Human Societies
SOCI 112
Social Interaction
SOCI 121
Population Problems
SOCI 122
Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 123
Crime and Delinquency
SOCI 124
Sex and Gender in Society
SOCI 125
Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 130
Family and Society
SOCI 131
Social Relations in the Workplace
SOCI 133
Sociology of Politics
SOCI 172
Introduction to Population Health in the United States
SOCI 250
Sociological Theory
SOCI 251
Research Methods
SOCI 252
Data Analysis
SOCI 257
Soc/culture/postwar Germ
SOCI 260
Crisis and Change in Russia and Eastern Europe
SOCI 273
Social and Economic Justice, Experiential Education
SOCI 274
Social and Economic Justice
SOCI 277
Societies and Genomics
SOCI 290
Spcl Tpcs In Soci
SOCI 393
Independent Experiential Internship
SOCI 396
Independent Study and Reading
SOCI 410
Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy
SOCI 411
Social Movements
SOCI 412
Social Stratification
SOCI 413
Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Experiential
SOCI 415
Economy and Society
SOCI 416
Comparative Perspectives on Contemporary International Migra...
SOCI 419
Sociology of the Islamic World
SOCI 420
Political Sociology
SOCI 422
Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
SOCI 423
Sociology of Education, Experiential Education
SOCI 424
Law and Society
SOCI 426
Sociology of Education
SOCI 427
The Labor Force
SOCI 429
Religion and Society
SOCI 433
Immigration in Contemporary America
SOCI 444
Race, Class, and Gender
SOCI 445
Sociology of Emotions
SOCI 468
United States Poverty and Public Policy
SOCI 469
Health and Society
SOCI 620
Not Listed
Senior Honors Research and Seminar
Senior Honors Research and Seminar
SOCI 700
History of Social Thought
SOCI 707
Measurement and Data Collection
SOCI 708
Statistics for Sociologists
SOCI 709
Linear Regression Models
SOCI 711
Analysis of Categorical Data
SOCI 717
Structural Equations with Latent Variables
SOCI 718
Longitudinal and Multilevel Data Analysis
SOCI 720
Participant Observation and In-Depth Interviewing
SOCI 754
Survey Sampling
SOCI 760
Data Collection Methods
SOCI 761
Questionnaire Design
SOCI 762
Case Studies in Surveys
SOCI 810
Social Movements
SOCI 811
Seminar in Political Sociology
SOCI 813
Compara Welfare States
SOCI 814
Comparative and Historical Analysis Exploration
SOCI 818
Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 820
Seminar in Marriage and the Family
SOCI 823
Integrating Social and Biological Perspectives on Human Heal...
SOCI 830
Demography: Theory, Substance, Techniques, Part I
SOCI 832
Migration and Population Distribution
SOCI 835
Mortality: Social Demographic Perspectives
SOCI 850
Social Stratification
SOCI 851
Sociology of Gender
SOCI 861
SOCI 863
Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healing
SOCI 870
Sociology of Culture
SOCI 905
Survey Practicum
SOCI 950
Seminar in Selected Topics
SOCI 961
Reading and Research
SOCI 979
Publishing in Sociology
SOCI 980
Seminar on the Teaching of Sociology
SOCI 993
Master's Research and Thesis
SOCI 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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