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RADI 461
Radiography I
RADI 462
Radiographic Imaging I
RADI 463
Clinical Education I
RADI 471
Radiography II
RADI 472
Radiographic Imaging II
RADI 473
Clinical Education II
RADI 583
Clinical Education V
RADI 584
Clinical Education VI
RADI 585
Radiologic Health Physics
RADI 586
Research in Radiologic Science I
RADI 594
Professional Communications and Interactions
RADI 597
Leadership in Radiologic Science
RADI 660
RADI 662
Instrument and Imaging Methods
RADI 670
Integrated Principles of Radiographic Analysis
RADI 672
Radiographic Imaging II
RADI 681
Trends in Medical Imaging Practices Issues in the Radiology...
RADI 686
Research in Radiologic Science II
RADI 694
Clinical Decisions in Radiology
RADI 710
Adv Pt Asses Mgt Ed
RADI 711
Abd Procedures I
RADI 712
Clin Practicum I
RADI 713
Advanced Pathophysiology I
RADI 714
Advanced Pathophysiology II
RADI 732
Clin Practicum III
RADI 741
Thoracic Imaging and Procedures
RADI 743
Clinical Practicum IV
RADI 752
Vascular and Lymphatic Imaging and Procedures
RADI 753
Clinical Practicum V
RADI 755
Research Methodology and Statistics
RADI 761
Practice Issues
RADI 771
Professional Practice Seminar
RADI 781
Clinical Practicum VIII
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