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PUBH 420
The HIV/AIDS Course
PUBH 500
Global Health Discussion Series
PUBH 600
Health Care In Us
PUBH 610
Introductory Spanish for Health Professionals
PUBH 613
Intermediate Spanish for Health Care I
PUBH 615
Advanced Spanish for Health Care I
PUBH 680
Public Health Practice
PUBH 690
Special Studies
PUBH 696
Independent Study
PUBH 701
Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine
PUBH 702
Systematic Review
PUBH 703
Quality Improvement in Health Care and Public Health
PUBH 704
Foundations of Global Health
PUBH 705
One Health: Philosophy to Practical Integration
PUBH 706
Advanced Health Policy for Clinicians
PUBH 711
Critical Issues in Global Public Health
PUBH 712
Global Health Ethics
PUBH 716
Applied Quality Improvement Methods for Healthcare and Publi...
PUBH 718
Designing Systems for Global Health Implementation
PUBH 719
Introduction to Implementation Research and Practice in Publ...
PUBH 720
The HIV/AIDS Course
PUBH 726
Western North Carolina Place-Based Approach to Public Health
PUBH 730
Quality Improvement and Leadership
PUBH 731
Social Marketing
PUBH 735
Policy Development
PUBH 741
Quantitative Methods for Health Care Professionals I
PUBH 742
Quantitative Methods for Health Care Professionals II
PUBH 745
Community Improvement and Assessment
PUBH 746
Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation
PUBH 747
Project Management Principles and Practices
PUBH 748
Policy Development
PUBH 749
MPH Year & Career
PUBH 750
Strategies of Prevention for Clinicians
PUBH 751
Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature I
PUBH 752
Seminar in Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature
PUBH 754
Research Frameworks and Methods for Assessing and Improving...
PUBH 755
Translating Evidence into Practice for Population Health
PUBH 760
Clinical Measurement/Evaluation
PUBH 763
The Politics of Health Reform, Quality, Outcomes, and Effect...
PUBH 764
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Refugee Health and Wellness
PUBH 767
Team Leadership in Research Navigation
PUBH 781
Community Engagement and Leadership in Health
PUBH 784
Project Management Strategy and Application
PUBH 785
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Occupational Health
PUBH 790
The Leadership Assessment Workshop
PUBH 791
Core Principles of Public Health
PUBH 805
Public Health in the Global Context: Service Learning with V...
PUBH 806
Data Skills Online
PUBH 810
Population Health: Interprofessional Management in a Changin...
PUBH 811
Population Health in Health Care: Field Experience
PUBH 886
Field Practicum in Public Health
PUBH 890
Special Topics in Public Health Leadership
PUBH 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
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