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PORT 101
Elementary Portuguese I
PORT 102
Elementary Portuguese II
PORT 203
Intermediate Portuguese I
PORT 204
Intermediate Portuguese II
PORT 270
Mod Braz/lit Eng Tr
PORT 310
Intensive Oral Communication in Portuguese
PORT 316
Brazilian Performance in Music and Dance: Capoeira
PORT 323
Cultures of Brazil, Portugal, and Portuguese Africa
PORT 370
Modern Brazil through Literature and Film in Translation
PORT 375
Port & Braz Fic In Tr
PORT 385
Lusophone Africa in Literature: Discovery to the Present
PORT 387
Brazilian Religious Movements through Film and Literature
PORT 388
Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film
PORT 395
Research for Advanced Students
PORT 396
Independent Study In Port
PORT 398
Sem Port Lit
PORT 401
Beginning Accelerated Brazilian Portuguese I
PORT 402
Intermediate Accelerated Brazilian Portuguese II
PORT 408
LAC Recitation
PORT 504
Survey/braz Lit II
PORT 540
Cultural Topics from the Lusophone World
PORT 840
Special Readings
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