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FYS Race/sex/place Ameri
First-Year Seminar: The Changing American Job
FYS Local Economies
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
PLAN 101
Cities and Urban Life
PLAN 246
Cities of the Past, Present, and Future: Introduction to Pla...
PLAN 247
Solving Urban Problems
PLAN 317
Introduction to Site Planning and Urban Design
Social Ventures
PLAN 326
Social Ventures
PLAN 330
Principles of Sustainability
PLAN 363
Personal Finance, Wealth Building, and Public Policy
PLAN 420
Community Design and Green Architecture
PLAN 491
Introduction to GIS
PLAN 547
Energy, Transportation, and Land Use
PLAN 574
Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality
PLAN 575
Real Estate Development
PLAN 590
Special Topics Seminar
PLAN 591
Applied Issues in Geographic Information Systems
PLAN 596
Independent Study
PLAN 636
Urban Transportation Planning
PLAN 637
Public Transportation
PLAN 638
Ped/bike Transportation
PLAN 641
Watershed Planning
PLAN 651
Urban Form and the Design of Cities
PLAN 685
Water and Sanitation Planning and Policy in Less Developed C...
PLAN 704
Theory of Planning I
PLAN 710
Microeconomics for Planning and Public Policy Analysis
PLAN 714
Urban Spatial Structure
PLAN 720
Planning Methods
PLAN 721
Advanced Planning Methods
PLAN 722
Systems Thinking and Modeling for Planners
PLAN 724
Introduction to Law for Planners
PLAN 725
Development Dispute Resolution
PLAN 735
Community Revitalization Applied
PLAN 738
Transportation Policy and Planning
PLAN 739
Transportation Planning Models
PLAN 740
Land Use/envr Pol
PLAN 741
Land Use and Environmental Planning
PLAN 744
Development and Environmental Management
PLAN 745
Development Impact Assessment
PLAN 752
Project and Site Planning
PLAN 754
Natural Hazards Resilience Speaker Series
PLAN 755
Planning for Natural Hazards and Climate Change Adaptation
PLAN 756
Survey of Natural Hazards and Disasters
PLAN 757
Planning for Historical Preservation
PLAN 760
Real Estate Investment and Affordable Housing
PLAN 761
Housing and Public Policy
PLAN 762
Central City Revitalization
PLAN 763
Urban Neighborhood Revitalization
PLAN 764
Community Development & Revitalization Techniques
PLAN 765
Real Estate Development
PLAN 769
Housing & Community Development Planning and Policy
PLAN 770
Economic Development Policy
PLAN 771
Development Planning Techniques
PLAN 773
Urban and Regional Economic Development Seminar
PLAN 774
Planning For Jobs
PLAN 776
Development Finance
PLAN 785
Public Investment Theory
PLAN 787
Applied Environmental Finance: How to Pay for Environmental...
PLAN 788
Advanced Economic Analysis for Public Policy I
PLAN 789
Advanced Economic Analysis for Public Policy II
PLAN 793
Planning Seminar
PLAN 799
Planning Seminar
PLAN 800
Research Design
PLAN 801
Design of Policy-Oriented Research
PLAN 805
Theory of Planning II
PLAN 823
Planning Workshop
PLAN 890
Special Topics in Planning and Urbanism
PLAN 891
Special Topics in Planning and Urbanism
PLAN 896
Independent Study
PLAN 911
Ph.D. Research Seminar
PLAN 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
PLAN 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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