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PHYT 701
Motor Dev & Human
PHYT 705
Manage Contemp Pract
PHYT 720
Intro To Pt Interv
PHYT 722
Pt Modalities
PHYT 724
Funct Assessment
PHYT 726
Exercise Prescrip
PHYT 727
Motor Control
PHYT 730
PHYT 732
Musculo I Pt Interv
PHYT 734
Musculo II Pt Interv
PHYT 736
Pt For Older Adults
PHYT 742
Path/Pharm For Pt
PHYT 750
PHYT 751
Evidence Base Prac I
PHYT 752
Eviden Base Prac II
PHYT 754
Research Experience
PHYT 764
Clinical Pract II
PHYT 765
Clinical Education Seminar II / III
PHYT 768
Clinical Pract III
PHYT 769
Clinical Educatoin Seminar IV
PHYT 770
Clinical Practicum IV
PHYT 784
Neuromuscular I
PHYT 785
Neuromuscular II
PHYT 798
Advanced Cases
PHYT 800
Independent Study
PHYT 820
Adv Pat Manange I
PHYT 822
Adv Pat Manange II
PHYT 824
PHYT 839
Adv Prac Issues I
PHYT 854
Capstone Project
PHYT 860
Evidence-Based Practice II
PHYT 870
Integrated Clinical Experience
PHYT 875
Adv Ortho Assess/Int
PHYT 880
PHYT 885
Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention
PHYT 895
International Service Learning Trip
PHYT 896
North Carolina Service Learning Trip
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