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PHYA 201
Adapted Physical Activity
PHYA 202
Beginning Aerobics
PHYA 203
Aerobic Circuit Training
PHYA 209
Beginning Basic Training
PHYA 216
Beginning Golf
PHYA 217
Beginning Tumbling and Gymnastics
PHYA 221
Beginning Jogging
PHYA 223
Lifeguard Training
PHYA 224
Beginning Modern Dance
PHYA 225
Beginning Racquetball
PHYA 227
PHYA 228
PHYA 229
Downhill Skiing
PHYA 230
Beginning Soccer
PHYA 231
Beginning Social Dance
PHYA 233
Beginning Squash
PHYA 235
Beginning-Level Swimming
PHYA 238
PHYA 239
Triathlon Training
PHYA 240
Ultimate Frisbee
PHYA 243
Beginning Weight Training
PHYA 245
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
PHYA 290
Special Topics
PHYA 308
Intermediate Ballet
PHYA 321
Intermediate Jogging
PHYA 324
Intermediate Modern Dance
PHYA 330
Intermediate Soccer
PHYA 341
Intermediate Volleyball
PHYA 343
Intermediate Weight Training
PHYA 402
Leading Group Fitness Activities
PHYA 408
Advanced Ballet
PHYA 424
Advanced Modern Dance
PHYA 427
Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving
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