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PHCY 124
Contemporary Communications in Health Care
Phar Skills Lab IV
Phar Care Lab V
PHCY 414
Applied Pharmacokin
PHCY 424
Medicinal Chemistry 2
PHCY 425
Med Chem III
PHCY 432
PHCY 434
Pharmacy Practice Management
PHCY 444
PHCY 446
PHCY 447
Pharmacotherapy VII : Hematology and Oncology
PHCY 449
Pharmacotherapy VI: Infectious Diseases and Immunology
PHCY 450
PHCY 452
Nonprescript Drugs
PHCY 464
Professional Development 4
PHCY 465
Professional Development V: Making the Best Decisions
PHCY 475
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: August
PHCY 476
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: September
PHCY 477
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: October
PHCY 478
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: November
PHCY 479
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: December
PHCY 480
PHCY 481
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: January
PHCY 482
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: February
PHCY 483
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: March
PHCY 484
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: April
PHCY 487
Longitudinal APPE Clerkship Fall
PHCY 488
Longitudinal APPE Clerkship Spring
PHCY 491
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: Fall Seminar
PHCY 492
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience: Spring Seminar
PHCY 500
Pharmacy Bridging Course
PHCY 501
On Becoming a Pharmacist
PHCY 502
Pathophysiology of Human Disease
PHCY 503
Molecular Foundations of Drug Action
PHCY 504
Evidence-Based Practice
PHCY 505
Medical Terminology 1
PHCY 506
Medical Terminology 2
PHCY 507
Pharmaceutical Calculations 1
PHCY 508
Pharmaceutical Calculations 2
PHCY 509
Immunization Certificate Training Program
PHCY 510
Foundations of Clinical Pharmacology
PHCY 511
Foundations of Pharmacokinetics
PHCY 512
Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems
Pharmaceutical Compounding
PHCY 516
Foundations of Patient Care
PHCY 519
Self-Care and Non-Prescription Medications
PHCY 520
Intro Phar Innov Problem Solv
PHCY 529
Pharmacotherapy: Foundations
PHCY 591
Immersion Experience 1
Patient Care Lab
Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Managing Diabetes Mellitus
PHCY 609
The US Healthcare System
PHCY 611
Applied Clinical Pharmacology
PHCY 617
The Patient Care Experience
PHCY 621
Pharmacy Innovation and Problem Solving
PHCY 624
Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy I
PHCY 630
Pharmacotherapy: Applied
PHCY 631
Integrative Pharmacotherapy I
PHCY 636
Leadership and Professional Development I
PHCY 691
Immersion Experience 2
PHCY 700
SHAC: Community Outreach and Service Learning
PHCY 718
The Patient Care Experience II
PHCY 722
Pharmacy Law: Regulation of Pharmacy Practice
PHCY 725
Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy II
PHCY 726
Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy III
PHCY 732
Integrative Pharmacotherapy II
PHCY 733
Integrative Pharmacotherapy III
PHCY 737
Leadership and Professional Development II
PHCY 791
Immersion Experience 3
PHCY 800
Geriatric Pharmacy Practice
PHCY 801
Radiopharmacy I: Introduction to Radiopharmacy
PHCY 802
Radiopharmacy 2 - The Drugs of Nuclear Medicine
PHCY 803
Radiopharmacy 3
PHCY 804
Travel Medicine Care
PHCY 807
Veterinary Pharmacotherapy
PHCY 808
Critical Care
PHCY 810
The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding
PHCY 811
Infectious Diseases
PHCY 812
Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
PHCY 813
Clinical Toxicology
PHCY 814
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Care
PHCY 817
Making Medicine: The Process of Drug Development
PHCY 821
Contemporary and Applied Communcations in Healthcare
PHCY 822
Hematology/Oncology Pharmacotherapy
PHCY 823
International Clinical Classroom Case Discussion
PHCY 830
Introduction to Drug Development
PHCY 831
Applied Self-Care Therapeutics
PHCY 833
Advanced Cardiovascular Pharmacy
PHCY 834
21st Century Independent Pharmacy Ownership
PHCY 836
Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery of Substance Use Disorde...
PHCY 837
PHCY 839
Global and Rural Health: Maximizing Interprofessional Teams...
PHCY 840
Health Policy and Managed Care
PHCY 846
Perspectives in Mental Health
PHCY 886
Advanced Immersion Experience: Patient Care Elective I
PHCY 887
Advanced Immersion Experience: Patient Care Elective II
PHCY 888
Advanced Immersion Experience: Non-Patient Care Elective I
PHCY 889
Advanced Immersion Experience: Non-Patient Care Elective II
PHCY 891
Advanced Immersion Experience: Community
PHCY 892
Advanced Immersion Experience: Health Systems
PHCY 893
Advanced Immersion Experience: Ambulatory Care
PHCY 894
Advanced Immersion Experience: General Medicine
PHCY 895
Advanced Immersion Experience: Clinical I
PHCY 896
Advanced Immersion Experience: Clinical II
PHCY 897
Advanced Immersion Experience: Clinical III
PHCY 898
Leading Change in Health Care I
PHCY 899
Leading Change in Health Care II
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