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Inter-Professional Team Work and Communication: Keys to Pati...
PACE 700
Community Outreach and Service Learning
PACE 800
Geriatric Pharmacy Practice
PACE 803
Ambulatory Care
PACE 806
Medication Therapy Management
PACE 807
Veterinary Pharmacotherapy
PACE 808
Critical Care
PACE 809
Effective Teaching Strategies for Health Sciences Education
PACE 810
The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding
PACE 811
Contemporary and Applied Communcations in Healthcare
PACE 812
Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
PACE 813
Clinical Toxicology
PACE 814
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Care
PACE 815
Evaluation Research and Project Design
PACE 820
Health-System Pharmacy Leadership
PACE 821
Rural Pharmacy Health 1: Introduction to Rural Pharmacy Prac...
PACE 822
Rural Pharmacy Health 2: Cultural Competence and Physical As...
PACE 823
Rural Pharmacy Health 3: Interprofessional Practice
PACE 824
Rural Pharmacy Health 4: Population Health Management
PACE 825
Foundational Practices of a Successful Health-System Departm...
PACE 831
Self Care Therapeutics
PACE 832
Financial Management of Health-system Pharmacy
PACE 833
Overview of Health Systems
PACE 860
Advanced Hospital Pharmacy Operations
PACE 896
Independent Study in PACE
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