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NUTR 175
Introduction to Food Studies: From Science to Society
NUTR 240
Introduction to Human Nutrition
NUTR 245
Sustainable Local Food Systems: Intersection of Local Foods...
NUTR 295
Undergraduate Research Experience in Nutrition
NUTR 400
Introduction to Nutritional Biochemistry
NUTR 600
Human Metabolism: Macronutrients
NUTR 611
Nutrition across the Life Cycle
NUTR 620
Human Metabolism: Micronutrients
NUTR 630
Nutrition Communication, Counseling and Culture
NUTR 640
Medical Nutrition Therapy I: Chronic Disease Management
NUTR 642
Medical Nutrition Therapy II: Acute Disease Management
NUTR 650
Food Science and Culinary Arts
Food Science and Culinary Arts Laboratory
Honors Research in Nutrition
NUTR 695
Nutrition Research
NUTR 696
Readings in Nutrition
NUTR 700
Nutrition in Medicine
NUTR 725
Public Health Nutrition Management II
NUTR 728
Nutrition Translational Research and Application
NUTR 730
Adv Nutrition Field Exp
NUTR 735
National Nutrition Issues
NUTR 745
International Nutrition
NUTR 747
Issues in Global Nutrition
NUTR 785
Graduate Teaching Experience
NUTR 801
Adv Nutr Intv & Res Methods I
NUTR 803
Advanced Nutrition Intervention Research Seminar
NUTR 808
Global Cardiometabolic Disease Seminar
NUTR 809
Qualitative Research Methods
NUTR 810
Physical Activity Epidemiology and Public Health
NUTR 811
Development and Evaluation of Health Promotion and Disease P...
NUTR 812
Introduction to Obesity: Cell to Society
NUTR 813
Nutritional Epidemiology
NUTR 814
Obesity Epidemiology
NUTR 818
Analytical Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology
NUTR 845
Nutritional Metabolism
NUTR 865
Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry: Nutrigenetics and Nutrige...
NUTR 868
Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry: Nutrition and Cancer
NUTR 875
Nutrition Policy Seminar
NUTR 880
Elements of Being a Scientist
NUTR 885
Doctoral Seminar
NUTR 910
Nutrition Research
NUTR 920
Research Rotations for Nutritional Biochemistry Doctoral Stu...
NUTR 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
NUTR 993
Master's Research and Thesis
NUTR 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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