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First-Year Seminar: The Interplay of Music and Physics
First-Year Seminar: Early-Modern Court Spectacle
FYS Verdi's Operas
First-Year Seminar: Vienna: City of Dreams
First-Year Seminar: Music on Stage and Screen
First-Year Seminar: What is a Work of Art? Listening to Musi...
First-Year Seminar: Music and Culture: Understanding the Wor...
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
MUSC 100
Individual Keyboard Lessons
MUSC 102
Individual Voice Lessons
MUSC 103
Individual String Lessons
MUSC 104
Individual Woodwind Lessons
MUSC 105
Individual Brass Lessons
MUSC 106
Individual Percussion Lessons
MUSC 110
Group Lessons in Piano
MUSC 111
Group Lessons in Voice
MUSC 112
Group Lessons in Strings
MUSC 120
Foundations in Music
MUSC 121
Fundamentals of Music I
MUSC 123
Diction for Singers I (English/Italian)
MUSC 124
Diction for Singers II (French)
MUSC 125
Diction for Singers III (German)
MUSC 130
Musicianship Skills I
MUSC 131
Theory I
Theory II
MUSC 132
Theory II
MUSC 133
Musicianship Skills II
MUSC 135
Jazz Theory
MUSC 136
Keyboard Skills I
MUSC 141
Survey of Western Music History
MUSC 142
Great Musical Works
MUSC 143
Introduction to Rock Music
MUSC 144
Introduction to Country Music
MUSC 145
Introduction to Jazz
MUSC 146
Introduction to World Musics
MUSC 147
Introduction to the Music of the Américas
MUSC 148
Introduction to Black Music
MUSC 155
The Art and Culture of the DJ
MUSC 156
Beat Making Lab
MUSC 157
Rap Lab
MUSC 158
Rock Lab
MUSC 161
Music Production I
MUSC 163
Jazz Improvisation I
MUSC 164
Music of South Asia
MUSC 166
Introduction to Composition
MUSC 168
Basic Conducting
MUSC 188
Introduction to Women and Music
MUSC 200
Advanced Individual Lessons in Keyboard
MUSC 202
Advanced Individual Lessons in Voice
MUSC 203
Advanced Individual Lessons in Strings
MUSC 204
Advanced Individual Lessons in Woodwinds
MUSC 205
Advanced Individual Lessons in Brass
MUSC 206
Advanced Individual Lessons in Percussion
Advanced Individual Lessons in Percussion
MUSC 211
Ensemble I
MUSC 212
Ensemble II
MUSC 213
Ensemble III
MUSC 214
Chamber Music
MUSC 225
Vocal Pedagogy
MUSC 226
Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings Techniques
MUSC 227
Keyboard, Vocal, and Elementary Music Techniques
MUSC 228
Principles of Teaching Music
MUSC 230
Musicianship Skills III
MUSC 232
Theory III
MUSC 233
Studies in Performance Practices
MUSC 234
World Musics in Theory and Practice
MUSC 236
Keyboard Skills II
MUSC 239
Introduction to Music Technology
MUSC 248
Women in Opera
MUSC 251
Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
MUSC 254
Studies in Music History I, Antiquity to 1750
MUSC 255
Studies in Music History II, 1750 to the Present
MUSC 258
Musical Movements: Migration, Exile, and Diaspora
MUSC 261
Music Production II
MUSC 263
Jazz Improvisation II
MUSC 265
Jazz Composition and Arranging
MUSC 266
MUSC 269
Music in the Community
MUSC 281
Amer Pop Song
MUSC 284
Beethoven and His Era
Music as Culture
MUSC 286
Music as Culture
MUSC 287
Opera as Drama
MUSC 288
The Orchestra
MUSC 289
Sounds of War and Revolution
MUSC 291
Music and Politics
MUSC 292
Media and Social Change in Africa
MUSC 294
Bluegrass Music, Culture, and History
MUSC 296
Special Studies for Undergraduates
MUSC 300
Advanced Keyboard Lessons and Recital
MUSC 302
Advanced Voice Lessons and Recital
MUSC 303
Advanced String Lessons and Recital
MUSC 304
Advanced Woodwind Lessons and Recital
MUSC 305
Advanced Brass Lessons and Recital
MUSC 306
Advanced Percussion Lessons and Recital
MUSC 307
Advanced Composition/Recital
MUSC 308
Intermediate Lessons in Conducting
MUSC 309
Advanced Lessons in Conducting
MUSC 355
History and Culture of Music
Hist & Culture Musc
MUSC 381
Inside the Song: Analysis of Songcraft
Honors Seminar in Music
MUSC 471
Instr Performance Repertory
MUSC 493
Music Internship
MUSC 676
Digital Media and Live Performance
Senior Honors Thesis in Music I
Senior Honors Thesis in Music II
MUSC 750
Resources and Methods of Musicology I
MUSC 890
Special Studies
MUSC 930
Seminar in Music Theory
MUSC 950
Seminar in Musicology
MUSC 970
Seminar in Ethnomusicology
MUSC 991
Dissertation Colloquium
MUSC 993
Master's Research and Thesis
MUSC 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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