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First-Year Seminar: Language in the U.S.A.
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
LING 101
Introduction to Language
LING 138
Linguistic Anthropology
Language and Communication
LING 145
Language, Communication, and Human and Animal Minds
LING 165
Exploring the World's Languages
LING 200
LING 201
LING 202
Linguistic Variation and Language Change
LING 203
Language Acquisition and Development
LING 290
Special Topics in Linguistics
LING 310
African American English
LING 333
Human Language and Animal Communication Systems
LING 335
Structure of African American English
LING 360
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
LING 376
Phonetics and Phonology
LING 401
Language and Computers
LING 409
Cognitive Ling
LING 422
Research Methods in Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology
LING 428
Bilingualism and Second-Language Acquisition
LING 444
Origin and Evolution of Human Language
LING 445
Philosophy of Language
LING 455
Symbolic Logic
LING 460
Introduction to Textual Data Analysis
LING 484
Discourse and Dialogue in Ethnographic Research
LING 490
Advanced Topics in Linguistics
LING 493
Internship in Linguistics
LING 496
Independent Study in Linguistics
LING 520
Linguistic Phonetics
LING 523
Phonological Theory I
LING 525
Introduction to Historical and Comparative Linguistics
LING 526
Second-Language Phonetics and Phonology
LING 527
LING 528
Language Acquisition I
LING 530
Syntactic Theory I
LING 537
Semantic Theory I
LING 540
Mathematical Ling
LING 541
LING 542
Pidgins and Creoles
LING 545
Language and Mind
LING 547
Language Deficits and Cognition
LING 562
Structure Of Russian
LING 563
Structure of Japanese
LING 565
Fren Phonetics/phon
LING 567
Structure of German
LING 573
Linguistic Field Methods I
LING 574
Linguistic Field Methods II
LING 678
History of the Spanish Language
Senior Honors Thesis
Senior Honors Thesis
LING 712
Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Language
LING 993
Master's Research and Thesis
LING 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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