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LAW 200
Professional Sports Law
LAW 201
Civil Procedure
LAW 204
LAW 205
Criminal Law
LAW 206D
Criminal Procedure Investigation: Doctrine and Writing Skill...
LAW 206
Criminal Procedure Investigation
LAW 206P
Criminal Procedure Investigation Skills
LAW 207
LAW 209
LAW 210
Copyright Law
LAW 211
Trademark Law
LAW 211P
Trademark Practice Seminar
LAW 213
Law Of Nonprofit Organiz
LAW 214
Immigratn & Citznshp
LAW 217
Legislative Process
LAW 219
Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW 220
Administrative Law
LAW 220W
Administrative Law Writing
LAW 222
LAW 224
Introduction to the Law of the United States
LAW 225
Crim Pro:Adjudictn
LAW 226
LAW 228
Busi Associations
LAW 228W
Business Planning
LAW 231
Criminal Lawyering
LAW 232
Conflict Of Laws
LAW 233
Civil Lawyering
LAW 234A
Constitutional Law
LAW 234F
First Amendment
LAW 235
Consumer Law
LAW 236
Corporate Finance
LAW 237
Banking Law
LAW 238
LAW 239
Natural Resources Law
LAW 240
Election Law
LAW 241
Environmental Law
LAW 242
LAW 242T
LAW 243
Employment Discrim
LAW 243A
Employment Law
LAW 244
Family Law
LAW 245
Education Law
LAW 246
Fed Jurisdiction
LAW 249
Race And Poverty
LAW 250
LAW 252
International Law
LAW 254
Labor Law
LAW 255
Housing Law
LAW 259
Legal History
LAW 261W
Environ Law Practice
LAW 262
Env Ocean & Coastal Law
LAW 265
Intellectual Prop
LAW 266F
Prof Responsibility
LAW 266G
Professional Responsibility: Ethics for Litigators and Gover...
LAW 266C
Ethics in Criminal Practice
LAW 266
Prof Responsibility
LAW 266P
The Law Firm
LAW 267G
Corp/transactional Adv Leg
LAW 267T
Advanced Legal Research
LAW 267P
Advanced Legal Research: Intellectual Property and Technolog...
LAW 267U
Alr: Research Global Law
LAW 268
Trusts & Estates
LAW 269
Media Law
LAW 270
Real Estate Transactions
LAW 272
Wrongful Convictions
LAW 275
Secured Transactions
LAW 278
Securities Reg
LAW 278W
Securities Regulatn
LAW 279
Intl Business Tran
LAW 280
Income Taxation
LAW 284
Corporate Tax
LAW 285W
State & Local Gov Law
LAW 286
Patent Law
LAW 287
Partnership Tax
LAW 288
Trial Advocacy
LAW 290
Land Use Control
LAW 294W
Transition to Practice in Biotechnology and Life Sciences
LAW 295
Research, Reasoning, Writing and Advocacy, Part I
LAW 296
Research, Reasoning, Writing and Advocacy, Part II
LAW 301
Legislative Advocacy
LAW 302
Critical Race Theory
LAW 306
Death Penalty/Supreme Ct
LAW 310
Const Adjud Sem
LAW 316
Poli/Civil Rts Sem
LAW 326
Nature Of Judicial Proc
LAW 332
Higher Educ Issues
LAW 334
Current Issues in Privacy Law
LAW 335
Advanced Torts: Business Torts and Products Liability
LAW 336
Appellate Advocacy
LAW 338
Adv Commer Law/Contracts
LAW 340
Gender Violence and the Law: A Transition to Practice Course
LAW 342
Comp Con Law Sem
LAW 343
Disability Law
LAW 345
Construction Law
LAW 346
Children & Law Sem
LAW 347
Law & Literature
LAW 357C
Cyberspace Law Sem
LAW 358
Judicial Sentencing
LAW 361
Federal Indian Law
LAW 364
Nc State Constitution
LAW 368
NC Pretrial Litigation - Torts
LAW 374
National Security Law
LAW 376
Military Justice
LAW 380
Int'L Law/Human Rts
LAW 383
White Collar Crime
LAW 386
Tax Policy Sem
LAW 390
Youth Justice Clinic
LAW 391
Civil Clinic
LAW 395
Youth Justice Clinic
LAW 396
Youth Justice Clinic
LAW 397
Community Develop Clinic
LAW 398
Human Rights Policy Lab
LAW 398A
Immigration Clinic
LAW 400L
Honors Writing Scholars Lab
LAW 400
Honors Writing Scholars Program and Seminar
LAW 401
Externship Program
LAW 403
Full Term Externship
LAW 404
Advanced Constitutional Law
LAW 405
LAW 407
LAW 417
Spanish/Amer Lawyers
LAW 418
LAW 424
Church And State
LAW 429W
Business Associations
LAW 431
Law Practice Technologies
LAW 433
Elder Law
LAW 439
Animal Law
LAW 440
Financial Accounting for Lawyers
LAW 442
International Environmental Law
LAW 443
Commercial Arbitration
LAW 444
Psychiatry and Law: Criminal Issues
LAW 445
Jurisprudence of Capital Punishment
LAW 447
Const Criminal Procedure
LAW 450
Health Law Bioethics and Quality of Care
LAW 451
Health Law Organization, Regulation and Finance
LAW 455
Environmental Markets
LAW 456
Women and Health Law
LAW 457
Law & Develop In Africa
LAW 458
Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
LAW 460
Special Topics In Law
LAW 461
Applied Legal Concepts I
LAW 462
Applied Legal Concepts
LAW 463
Advanced Bankruptcy
LAW 464
Critical Legal Thought/Critical Lawyering
LAW 465
Current Issues in Law and Medicine
LAW 466
Domestic and Sexual Violence Clinic
LAW 467
LAW 468
Regulation and Deregulation: Concepts and Skills
LAW 472
Art Law
LAW 473
Sex Offenders and the Law
LAW 474
Family Law Practice
LAW 475
Media and Internet Law Practicum
LAW 477
Patent Prosecution Seminar
LAW 479
Judicial Opinion Writing
LAW 480
Law and Public Health
LAW 482
Advanced Litigation Practice
LAW 485
Interviewing and Counseling
LAW 486
Latinos And The Law
LAW 487
Emerging Issues
LAW 488
Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic
LAW 489
Energy Law: Resources and Electricity
LAW 491
Writing for Judicial Clerkships
LAW 492
The Lawyer as Public Citizen: Access to Justice
LAW 497
Small Firm Civil Practice
LAW 500
LAW 502
Intellectual Property Clinic
LAW 503
Poverty and Public Policy in North Carolina
LAW 504
Government Borrowing and Restructuring
LAW 505
South Africa on Trial
LAW 506
Amateur Sport Law
LAW 507
Criminal Justice and Civil Penalties
LAW 508
Current Topics in Criminal Justice
LAW 509
Litigation Risk Management
LAW 510
Environmental Justice
LAW 511
Sexual Violence and the Law
LAW 512
Life Cycle of an M&A Deal
LAW 513
Reproductive Rights and Justice Law, Policy & Practice
LAW 514
Leadership for Lawyers
LAW 515
Veterans Legal Assistance Project
LAW 516
Contract Drafting
LAW 517
Cybersecurity Law
LAW 518
Advanced Appellate Advocacy - Teaching Assistant
LAW 519
Issues in Pharmaceutical Law & Policy
LAW 520
The Law of Sanctuary
LAW 522
Electricity and Renewables Finance
LAW 523
Forced Migration: Law & Practice
LAW 525
Exploring the Role of In-House Counsel
LAW 529
Writing for Practice
LAW 532
Expert Witness Practicum
LAW 533
Race and Mass Incarceration
LAW 534
Privacy Law Survey
LAW 536
Tax Law Research and Writing
LAW 537
Legal Ethics and Social Justice
LAW 538
Writing for the Bar
LAW 539
Law of Emerging Technologies: A. I., Robotics, and Blockchai...
LAW 540
Startup NC Law Clinic
LAW 541
Trauma-Informed Lawyering
LAW 543
European Union Data Protection Law
LAW 544
Health Privacy Law
LAW 545
Prosecutor Practicum
LAW 546
Legal Editing
LAW 547
Open Source Software
LAW 615
Foundations in United States Common Law
LAW 620
United States Legal Research and Writing
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