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ITAL 101
Elementary Italian I
ITAL 102
Elementary Italian II
ITAL 203
Intermediate Italian I
ITAL 204
Intermediate Italian II
ITAL 240
Dante in English Translation
ITAL 258
Modern Italy Since 1848
ITAL 300
Communicating in Italian: Media, Culture, and Society
ITAL 308
LAC Recitation
ITAL 310
Ital Conv
ITAL 320
Italian Cities and Cultures
ITAL 330
Italian Civilization I
ITAL 333
Italian Film and Culture
ITAL 335
Themes in Italian Film
ITAL 337
Cinema For Ital Conversation
ITAL 340
Italian America in Literature and Film
ITAL 346
Women Writers in Early Modern Italy
ITAL 357
Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio in English
ITAL 359
Medieval Frauds: Fake News, Counterfeits, and Forgeries
ITAL 365
Italian Food and Culture
ITAL 370
Masterpieces of Italian Literature and Culture I
ITAL 382
Mod Ital Novel
ITAL 385
Italian Landscapes: Italy in the UNESCO World Heritage List
ITAL 398
Undergraduate Seminar in Italian
ITAL 401
Beginning Accelerated Italian
ITAL 402
Intermediate Accelerated Italian
ITAL 526
History of the Italian Language
Honors Thesis
Honors Thesis in Italian
ITAL 731
Dante I
ITAL 732
Dante II
ITAL 741
Italian Literature of the Renaissance I: The Quattrocento
ITAL 751
Ital Lit Of Ren II
ITAL 784
Avant & Neo-avant
ITAL 830
ITAL 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
ITAL 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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