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First-Year Seminar: Smart Cities
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
INLS 151
Retrieving and Analyzing Information
INLS 161
Tools for Information Literacy
INLS 201
Foundations of Information Science
INLS 202
Retrieval and Organizing Systems
INLS 203
Human Information Behavior
INLS 382
Information Systems Analysis and Design
INLS 384
Information and Computer Ethics
INLS 385
Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness
INLS 393
Information Science Internship
INLS 396
Independent Study in Information Systems
INLS 418
Human Factors in System Design
INLS 465
Understanding Information Technology for Managing Digital Co...
INLS 490
Selected Topics
INLS 500
Human Information Interactions
INLS 501
Information Resources and Services
INLS 502
User Education
INLS 509
Information Retrieval
INLS 512
Applications of Natural Language Processing
INLS 513
Resource Selection and Evaluation
INLS 515
Consumer Health Information
INLS 520
Organization of Information
INLS 523
Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications
INLS 525
Electronic Records Management
INLS 530
Young Adult Literature and Related Materials
INLS 534
Youth and Technology in Libraries
INLS 539
Going the Last Mile: Information Access for Underserved Popu...
INLS 541
Information Visualization
INLS 550
History of the Book and Other Information Formats
INLS 554
Cultural Institutions
INLS 556
Introduction to Archives and Records Management
INLS 558
Principles and Techniques of Storytelling
INLS 560
Programming for Information Science
INLS 561
Digital Forensics for Curation of Digital Collections
INLS 566
Info Assurance
INLS 570
Intermediate Programming and Data Analysis
INLS 572
Web Development I
INLS 573
Mobile Web Development
INLS 576
Distributed Systems & Admin
INLS 581
Research Methods Overview
INLS 582
Systems Analysis
INLS 584
Information Ethics
INLS 585
Management for Information Professionals
INLS 609
Experimental Information Retrieval
INLS 613
Text Mining
INLS 620
Web Information Organization
INLS 623
Database Systems II: Intermediate Databases
INLS 624
Policy-Based Data Management
INLS 625
Information Analytics
INLS 626
Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL
INLS 641
Visual Analytics
INLS 690
Intermediate Selected Topics
Research Methods in Information Science
Honors Thesis in Information Science
INLS 696
Study in Information and Library Science
INLS 697
Information Science Capstone
INLS 700
Scholarly Communication
INLS 705
Health Sciences Information
INLS 706
Biomed Info Res Rev
INLS 707
Government Documents
INLS 710
Evidence-Based Medicine
INLS 714
Introduction to Information Analytics
INLS 718
User Interface Design
INLS 719
Usability Testing and Evaluation
INLS 720
Metadata Architectures and Applications
INLS 721
Cataloging Theory and Practice
INLS 725
Electronic Health Records
INLS 728
Knowledge Org Seminar
INLS 732
Children's Literature and Related Materials
INLS 733
Administration of Public Library Work with Children and Youn...
INLS 735
Youth Ser Diverse Society
INLS 739
Information Services and Specific Populations
INLS 740
Digital Libraries: Principles and Applications
INLS 745
Instruction for Youth in School and Public Libraries
INLS 746
Music Librarianship
INLS 747
Special Libraries and Knowledge Management
INLS 749
Art and Visual Information Management
INLS 750
Introduction to Digital Curation
INLS 752
Digital Preservation and Access
INLS 753
Preservation of Library and Archive Materials
INLS 754
Access. Outreach, and Public Service in Cultural Heritage Re...
INLS 755
Archival Appraisal
INLS 756
Data Curation and Management
INLS 757
Principles and Practices in Archival Description
INLS 758
International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives for Informatio...
INLS 760
Web Databases
INLS 765
Information Technology Foundations for Managing Digital Coll...
INLS 767
Information Assurance
INLS 770
Health Informatics Seminar
INLS 781
Proposal Development
INLS 786
Marketing of Information Services
INLS 787
Legal Issues for Librarians
INLS 789
Big Data, Algorithms and Society
INLS 793
Health Informatics Practicum
INLS 794
Digital Curation Internship
INLS 795
Supervised Field Experience
INLS 796
Field Experience in School Library Media
INLS 818
Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction
INLS 841
Seminar in Academic Libraries
INLS 842
Seminar in Popular Materials in Libraries
INLS 843
Seminar in Public Libraries
INLS 857
Seminar in Rare Book Collections
INLS 881
Research Issues and Questions I
INLS 882
Research Issues and Questions II
INLS 883
Research Colloquium
INLS 884
Seminar in Research Methodology
INLS 886
Graduate Teaching Practicum
INLS 887
Seminar in Theory Development
INLS 888
Seminar in Teaching and Academic Life
INLS 889
Seminar in Teaching Practice
INLS 890
Advanced Special Topics
INLS 988
Research in Information and Library Science
INLS 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
INLS 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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