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First-Year Seminar: Time and the Medieval Cosmos
First-Year Seminar: Latin American Revolutions
First-Year Seminar: Traveling to European Cities: American W...
First-Year Seminar: Rebuilding the American South: Work and...
First-Year Seminar: Water, Conflict, and Connection: the Mid...
First-Year Seminar: Seeing History in Everyday Places: Chape...
First-Year Seminar: Women's Voices: 20th-Century European Hi...
First-Year Seminar: Emperors, Courts, and Consumption: The M...
First-Year Seminar: Understanding 1492
Rc Clas Ugrd First Yr Stdts
First-Year Seminar: Monsters, Murders, and Mayhem in Microhi...
First-Year Seminar: What Concentration Camp Survivors Tell U...
First-Year Seminar: What Concentration Camp Survivors Tell U...
First Year Seminar: Special Topics
First Year Seminar: Special Topics
HIST 101
Historical Analysis for the Information Age
HIST 106
Ancient History
HIST 107
Medieval History
HIST 108
Introduction to Early Medieval History 500-1050
HIST 110
Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North A...
HIST 120
Sport and American History
HIST 121
History of Religion in North America
HIST 124
United States History through Film
HIST 125
The Social History of Popular Music in 20th-Century America
HIST 127
American History to 1865
HIST 128
American History since 1865
HIST 130
Modern African History
HIST 133
Introduction to Chinese History
HIST 135
History of the Indian Subcontinent to 1750
HIST 136
History of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: South Asia since...
HIST 137
Muhammad to Malcolm X: Islam, Politics, Race, and Gender
HIST 139
HIstory of Muslim Societies since 1500
HIST 140
The World since 1945
HIST 142
Latin America under Colonial Rule
HIST 143
Latin America since Independence
HIST 144
Women in the United States from Settlement to Present
HIST 151
European History to 1650
HIST 153
From the Bible to Broadway: Jewish History to Modern Times
HIST 158
Early Modern European History, 1450-1815
HIST 159
From War to Prosperity: 20th-Century Europe
HIST 161
Russia Becomes an Empire
HIST 162
Russia under the Last Tsars and Soviet Commissars
HIST 163
Modern Central Asia
HIST 164
History of Britain in the 19th Century
HIST 165
History of Britain in the 20th Century
Honors Seminar in African, Asian, and Middle Eastern History
Honors Seminar in Latin American History
Honors Seminar in Early European History
Honors Seminar in Modern European History
Honors Seminar in American History
HIST 190
Special Topics in History
HIST 203
Empires & Cultures
HIST 206
War, Diplomacy, and Statecraft, 1815-1945
HIST 207
The Global Cold War
HIST 210
Global Issues and Globalization
HIST 212
History of Sea Power
HIST 213
Air Power and Modern Warfare
HIST 220
The Olympic Games: A Global History
HIST 225
History of Greece
HIST 226
History of Rome
HIST 231
Native American History: The East
HIST 233
Native American History: The West
HIST 234
Native American Tribal Studies
HIST 235
Native America in the 20th Century
HIST 236
Sex and American History
HIST 240
Introduction to Mexico: A Nation in Four Revolutions
HIST 241
History of Latinos in the United States
HIST 242
United States-Latin American Relations
HIST 243
The United States and Africa
HIST 246
The Long Cold War: U.S. Foreign Relations in the 20th and 21...
HIST 247
Early Modern Japanese History and Culture
HIST 249
World Christianity since 1450
HIST 251
The Thirty Years War (1618-1648): Europe in an Age of Crisis
HIST 252
Politics, Society, and Culture in Modern Germany (1871-1945)
HIST 254
War and Society in Early Modern Europe
HIST 255
Manor to Machine: The Economic Shaping of Europe
HIST 256
France, 1940 to the Present
HIST 257
Politics, Society, and Culture in Postwar Germany
HIST 258
Modern Italy Since 1848
HIST 259
Towards Emancipation? Women in Modern Europe
HIST 260
East Central Europe from the 18th Century to the Present
HIST 261
France, 1870-1940
HIST 262
History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Je...
HIST 264
Gender in Russian History
HIST 266
Global History of Warfare
HIST 271
Premodern Japanese History and Culture
HIST 273
Water, Conflict, and Connection in the Middle East
HIST 274
Ottoman Empire
HIST 276
The Modern Middle East
HIST 278
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST 279
Modern South Africa
HIST 280
Women and Gender in Latin American History
HIST 281
The Pacific War, 1937-1945: Its Causes and Legacy
HIST 282
China in the World
HIST 284
Late Imperial China
HIST 285
20th-Century China
HIST 288
Century Japan
HIST 289
America in the 1970s
Movies Make History: Films as Primary Sources in Europe and...
HIST 308
The Renaissance and the Jews
HIST 309
Old Regime France, 1661-1787
HIST 310
The French Revolution
Ghettos and Shtetls? Urban Life in East European Jewish Hist...
HIST 312
History of France and Algeria
An Introduction to the History of Medicine
Jesus and the Jews: From the Bible to the Big Screen
HIST 330
Jesus and the Jews: From the Bible to the Big Screen
HIST 331
Sex, Religion, and Violence: Revolutionary Thought in Modern...
HIST 332
Identity and Community in Modern Jewish History: The Case of...
HIST 335
Cracking India: Partition and Its Legacy in South Asia
Ethics and Business in Africa
HIST 346
Dictators in the 20th Century
HIST 347
Fascist Challenge in Europe, 1918-1945
HIST 351
Global History of Warfare
HIST 354
War and Gender in Movies
HIST 355
American Women's History to 1865
HIST 357
The Old South
HIST 358
The New South
Modern American Intellectual History
HIST 360
Mod American Intellectual
HIST 361
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Histories in the Uni...
HIST 362
Baseball and American History
HIST 364
History of American Business
HIST 365
The Worker and American Life
HIST 366
North Carolina History before 1865
HIST 367
North Carolina History since 1865
HIST 368
War and American Society to 1903
HIST 369
War and American Society, 1903 to the Present
HIST 370
Samurai, Monks, and Pirates: History and Historiography of J...
HIST 373
The United States in World War II
HIST 374
The American West, 1800 to the Present
HIST 377
History of African Americans, 1865 to Present
HIST 382
The History of the Civil Rights Movement
HIST 383
Big-Time College Sports and the Rights of Athletes, 1874 to...
America In The Sixties
HIST 385
African American Women's History
HIST 389
Global Women Labor Hist
HIST 390
Special Topics in History
HIST 395
Research Related Skills
HIST 398
Undergraduate Seminar in History
HIST 421
HIST 422
Ancient Greek Warfare
Ancient Greek Warfare
HIST 425
Roman History, 154 BCE-14 CE
HIST 427
The Early Roman Empire, 14 CE-193 CE
HIST 428
The Later Roman Empire, 193 CE-378 CE
HIST 429
Ancient Sexuality
HIST 431
The Medieval Church
HIST 432
The Crusades
HIST 434
Medieval England
HIST 437
Aristocratic Culture in the Central Middle Ages
Medieval Masculinities, 500-1200
HIST 452
The Renaissance: Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance, 1300-...
HIST 453
Mediterranean Societies and Economics in the Renaissance Wor...
HIST 461
Early Modern Germany, 1600-1815
HIST 466
Modern European Intellectual History
Feminist Movements In
HIST 477
Revolution in Russia, 1900-1930
HIST 478
Stalin and After: The USSR, 1929-Present
HIST 480
Russia's 19th Century: Cultural Splendor, Imperial Decay
HIST 481
From Communists to Capitalists: Eastern Europe since 1945
HIST 483
Nation and Religion in Russia: Orthodoxy, Islam, and Judaism
HIST 484
Islam in Tsarist and Soviet Russia
HIST 485
Modern East European Jewish History
HIST 486
Terrorism In Postwar Europe
Extremism, Terrorism, and Security in Postwar Europe
The History of the 2008 Financial Crisis
HIST 490
Special Topics in History
HIST 493
Internship in History
HIST 495
Directed Readings in History
HIST 496
Independent Research in History
HIST 508
Europe and Humanitarian Aid since 1945: Concepts, Actors, Pr...
HIST 510
Human Rights in the Modern World
Human Rights in the Modern World
HIST 511
9/11 in World History
HIST 514
Monuments and Memory
Historical Time
HIST 518
Colloquium in World Military History
HIST 526
History of the Andes
HIST 527
Latin American Indigenous Peoples
HIST 528
Guerrillas and Counterinsurgencies in Latin America
HIST 529
Mexico, 1750-1870: War, Independence, and Reforms: Citizensh...
HIST 532
History of Cuba
HIST 534
The African Diaspora
HIST 538
The Middle East and the West
Ethics And Business In Africa
HIST 550
Gender in Chinese History
HIST 561
The American Colonial Experience
HIST 562
Oral History/perf
HIST 563
Jacksonian America, 1815-1848
HIST 564
Rev/nat Mak In Am
HIST 565
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1848-1900
HIST 566
The History of Sexuality in America
HIST 569
African American Women's History
HIST 571
Southern Music
HIST 577
United States Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
HIST 578
Transatlantic Relations and Contemporary Geo-Politics from t...
HIST 581
American Constitutional History to 1876
HIST 582
American Constitutional History since 1876
HIST 584
Am City
HIST 585
Race, Basketball, and the American Dream
HIST 589
Race, Racism, and America: (United States) Law in Historical...
HIST 593
Exploring the U.S. South Hands On and Ears Open: Internship...
HIST 670
Introduction to Oral History
HIST 671
Introduction to Public History
Honors in History
Honors in History
HIST 700
Thinking Historically
HIST 701
Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Studies
HIST 702
Introduction to Historical Education
HIST 711
Introductory Colloquium on Early Modern Europe
HIST 712
Introductory Colloquium on Modern Europe
HIST 714
Introductory Colloquium in the History of Latin America sinc...
HIST 717
Introduction to Military History
HIST 719
Readings in African History
HIST 720
Introduction to Asian History
HIST 721
Readings in European Expansion and Global Interaction, 1400-...
HIST 722
Readings in Contemporary Global History
HIST 723
Readings In Glbl Cold War
HIST 725
Selected Readings in the Comparative or Global History of Wo...
HIST 726
Introductory Colloquium in United States History to 1788
HIST 727
Introductory Colloquium in United States History, 1788 to 19...
HIST 728
Introductory Colloquium in United States History since 1900
HIST 730
Feminist and Gender Theory for Historians
HIST 742
History and Memory: An Introduction into Theory, Methodology...
HIST 743
The Holocaust, Genocide and Historical Methodology
HIST 771
Modern European History
HIST 772
Intell Hist/europe
HIST 777
Colonialism and European Visual Culture, 1800-1990
HIST 781
Readings in Russian History, 1796-1917
HIST 782
Readings in Soviet History
HIST 783
Introduction to Russian, Eurasian, and East European History
HIST 787
Readings in Modern Centeral Asian History
HIST 815
Topics in African History
HIST 816
Topics in Asian History
HIST 820
Problems in Latin American History
HIST 831
Readings Early Am Hist
HIST 835
Antebellum South
HIST 840
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1876
HIST 863
Readings in Urban History
HIST 870
Readings in African American History
HIST 878
Readings in Native American History
HIST 890
Topics in History for Graduates
HIST 899
Independent Study for Graduate Students
HIST 900
Crafting a Historical Project
HIST 901
M.A. Research Seminar
HIST 902
Writing For Historians
HIST 905
Dissertation Design
HIST 910
Ancient History
HIST 924
Seminar in Modern European History
HIST 951
Introductory Seminar in Military History
HIST 990
Seminar in History
HIST 993
Master's Research and Thesis
HIST 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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