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FYS Stalin And Hitler
FYS Hist Of Antisemitism
FYS Performing America
GERM 101
Elementary German
GERM 102
Advanced Elementary German
GERM 203
Intermediate German
GERM 204
Advanced Intermediate German
GERM 210
Getting Medieval
GERM 211
Concepts In Medieval Culture
GERM 216
The Viking Age
GERM 225
Popular And Pious
GERM 227
Luther and the Bible
GERM 245
Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud
GERM 249
German Literature in Translation
GERM 250
Women in German Cinema
GERM 251
Ideology and Aesthetics: Marxism and Literature
Occupied Germany: Cold War
GERM 255
Germany and the Cold War: From Allied Occupation to Division...
GERM 265
Hitler in Hollywood: Cinematic Representations of Nazi Germa...
GERM 267
German And Austrian Cinema
GERM 270
Jews In German Culture
GERM 275
History of German Cinema
GERM 279
Fairy Tales & Childhood
GERM 280
20th-Century German Philosophy and Modern Youth Cultures
GERM 281
The German Idea of War: Philosophical Dialogues with the Lit...
GERM 283
Freedom, Terror, and Identity: Modern Philosophy from Kant t...
GERM 301
Conversation and Composition
GERM 302
Contemporary German Society
GERM 303
Introduction to German Literature
GERM 325
Fools And Laughter
GERM 330
Age Of Goethe
GERM 349
Die Jahrhundertwende
GERM 370
German Intellectual Hist
GERM 371
The German Novella
GERM 373
"Denk ich an Deutschland. . .": German Lyrical Poetry throug...
GERM 374
German Theater: Words Speak as Loudly as Actions
GERM 379
German-Language Swiss Literature and Culture
GERM 381
Berlin Modern Metropolis
GERM 389
LAC Recitation
GERM 396
Independent Readings in German
GERM 493
Internship in German
GERM 500
Hist Of Germ Lang
GERM 501
Structure of German
GERM 502
Middle High German
GERM 514
Old Norse I (Old Icelandic)
GERM 515
Old Norse II (Old Icelandic)
GERM 615
Cultural Foundations in German Studies, to 1800
GERM 616
Cultural Foundations in German Studies: 1800 to Present
GERM 655
Later 20th-Century Literature
Honors Course
Honors Course
GERM 700
Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practice
GERM 706
Topics in Literary Theory
GERM 799
GERM 860
Topics in Aesthetics and Criticism
GERM 865
Topics in German Cultural Studies
GERM 875
Topics in German Jewish Studies
GERM 880
Topics in German Cinema
GERM 885
Topics in 21st Century German Literature
GERM 896
Independent Readings
GERM 899
Study Abroad
GERM 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
GERM 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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