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FYS: Poetic Roots Of Hip Hop
FOLK 202
Introduction to Folklore
FOLK 310
Fairy Tales
FOLK 340
Southern Styles, Southern Cultures
FOLK 370
Southern Legacies: The Descendants Project
FOLK 375
Carolina Cooks, Carolina Eats: North Carolina Food and Cultu...
FOLK 424
Ritual, Festival & Public
FOLK 429
Culture and Power in Southeast Asia
FOLK 470
Medicine and Anthropology
FOLK 476
Graffiti, Gods, and Gardens: Urban Folklore
FOLK 481
The Changing Lives of Jewish Objects
FOLK 484
Discourse and Dialogue in Ethnographic Research
FOLK 487
Everyday Stories: Personal Narrative and Legend
FOLK 490
Topics In Folklore
FOLK 505
Traditions in Transition: Jewish Folklore and Ethnography
FOLK 560
Southern Literature and the Oral Tradition
FOLK 571
Southern Music
FOLK 610
Traditions In Afam Music
FOLK 670
Introduction to Oral History
FOLK 688
Observation and Interpretation of Religious Action
FOLK 790
Public Folklore
FOLK 850
Approaches to Folklore Theory
FOLK 860
Art of Ethnography
FOLK 890
Seminar In Folklore
FOLK 895
Directed Readings
FOLK 993
Master's Research and Thesis
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