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EXSS 141
Personal Health
EXSS 175
Human Anatomy
EXSS 180
Physical Activity in Contemporary Society
EXSS 181
Sport and Exercise Psychology
EXSS 191
Theory and Practice of Modern Dance Technique - Elementary-L...
EXSS 205
Analysis of Sport Skills I
EXSS 206
Analysis of Sport Skills II
EXSS 207
Coaching Principles
EXSS 211
Adapted Physical Education
EXSS 220
Fitness Management
EXSS 221
Introduction to Sport Administration
EXSS 224
Sport Sales and Revenue Production Seminar
EXSS 265
Fundamentals of Athletic Training
EXSS 273
Research in Exercise and Sport Science
Human Anatomy Laboratory
EXSS 276
Human Physiology
EXSS 288
Emergency Care of Athletic Injuries and Illnesses
EXSS 290
Special Topics in EXSS
EXSS 322
Fundamentals of Sport Marketing
EXSS 323
Sport Facility and Event Management
EXSS 324
Finance and Economics of Sport
EXSS 325
The Role of Intercollegiate Athletics in Higher Education
EXSS 326
Legal Aspects of Sport
EXSS 360
Sports Nutrition
EXSS 366
Evaluation of Athletic Injuries
EXSS 367
Therapeutic Modalities
EXSS 368
Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation
EXSS 369
Athletic Training Seminar
EXSS 370
General Medicine in Athletic Training
EXSS 376
Physiological Basis of Human Performance
EXSS 380
Neuromuscular Control and Learning
EXSS 385
Biomechanics of Sport
EXSS 393
Athletic Training Clinical
EXSS 395
Undergraduate Research Course
EXSS 396
Independent Studies in Exercise and Sport Science Elective
EXSS 408
Theory and Application of Strength Training and Conditioning...
EXSS 410
Exercise Testing and Prescription
Exercise Testing
EXSS 478
Sports Performance Training
EXSS 479
Performance Enhancement Specialization for Health Profession...
EXSS 493
Field Experience in Sport Administration
EXSS 593
Practicum in Physical Fitness and Wellness
Senior Honors Thesis
Senior Honors Thesis
EXSS 700
Applied Statistics and Research Methods in Exercise and Spor...
EXSS 705
Applied Statistics and Research Methods Laboratory
EXSS 730
Management of Athletic Injuries
EXSS 732
Human Anatomy for Athletic Trainers
EXSS 733
Psychological Considerations for Injury and Rehabilitation
EXSS 735
Sports Medicine Analysis: Special Problems Related to Sports...
EXSS 736
Clinical Methods in Athletic Training
EXSS 737
Advanced Muscular Assessment and Treatment
EXSS 739
Practicum in Athletic Training
EXSS 740
Administration of Sport
EXSS 744
Collegiate Sport Marketing
EXSS 746
Organizational and Financial Management of Sport
EXSS 747
College Sport Facility and Event Management
EXSS 748
Legal Issues in Collegiate Sport
EXSS 749
NCAA Governance and Compliance
EXSS 750
Sport Administration Leadership Seminar I
EXSS 751
Sport Administration Leadership Seminar II
EXSS 780
Physiology of Exercise
EXSS 781
Clinical Exercise Prescription and Testing
EXSS 782
Nutritional Aspects of Exercise
EXSS 783
Assessment of Physiological Functions in Exercise
EXSS 785
Seminar in Exercise Physiology
EXSS 789
Practicum in Exercise Physiology
EXSS 890
Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science
EXSS 990
Research in Exercise and Sport Science
EXSS 993
Master's Research and Thesis
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