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EPID 600
Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health
EPID 625
Injury as a Public Health Problem
EPID 626
Violence as a Public Health Problem
EPID 627
Unintentional Injury as a Public Health Problem
EPID 696
Problems in Epidemiology
EPID 700
SAS and Data Management
EPID 701
R for Epidemiologists
EPID 705
Introduction to Deductive and Probability Logic in Epidemiol...
EPID 710
Fundamentals of Epidemiology
EPID 711
Clinical Measurement and Evaluation
EPID 715
Theory and Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology
EPID 716
Epidemiologic Data Analysis
EPID 718
Analytic Methods in Observational Epidemiology
EPID 719
Readings in Epidemiologic Methods
EPID 722
Epidemiologic Analysis of Time-to-Event Data
EPID 725
Research Planning Workshop
EPID 726
Epidemiologic Research Methods
EPID 731
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
EPID 733
Clinical Trials in Epidemiology
EPID 735
Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Methods and Applications of Cardiovascular Disease Surveilla...
Epidemiology of Stroke
EPID 742
Biomarkers in Population-Based Research
EPID 743
Genetic Epidemiology: Methods and Applications
EPID 750
Fundamentals of Public Health Surveillance
EPID 751
Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases
EPID 754
Advanced Methods in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
EPID 755
Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology
EPID 757
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries
EPID 759
Methods in Field Epidemiology
EPID 760
Vaccine Epidemiology
EPID 764
Hospital Epidemiology
EPID 765
Methods and Issues in Pharmacoepidemiology
EPID 766
Epidemiologic Research with Healthcare Databases
EPID 770
Cancer Epidemiology and Pathogenesis
EPID 771
Cancer Epidemiology: Survivorship and Outcomes
EPID 772
Cancer Prevention and Control Seminar
EPID 775
Advanced Cancer Epidemiology: Classic and Contemporary Contr...
EPID 785
Environmental Epidemiology
EPID 786
Comm Epid/env Just
EPID 787
Advanced Environmental Epidemiology
EPID 790
Intervention Epidemiology
EPID 795
Introduction to Public Health Informatics
Special Studies in Epidemiology III
Special Studies in Epidemiology I
Special Studies in Epidemiology II
EPID 801
Data Analysis in Oral Epidemiology
EPID 802
Clinical Research Skills I: Basics
EPID 803
Clinical Research Skills II
EPID 804
Design of Clinical Research Studies
EPID 805
Clinical Research Skills III: Proposal Development - Part 1
EPID 806
Clinical Research Skills IV -- Proposal Development
EPID 810
Physical Activity Epidemiology and Public Health
EPID 813
Nutritional Epidemiology
EPID 814
Obesity Epidemiology
EPID 818
Analytical Methods in Nutritional Epidemiology
EPID 826
Introduction to Social Epidemiology
EPID 827
Social Epidemiology: Design and Interpretation
EPID 851
Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology
EPID 853
Advanced Topics in Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology
EPID 883
Teaching Experience in Epidemiology
EPID 886
Readings in Epidemiology
EPID 889
Topics in Epidemiology Seminar
EPID 890
Seminar for M.S.P.H. Students
EPID 891
Epidemiology Doctoral Seminar
EPID 892
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Health Disparities
EPID 893
Pharmacoepidemiology Seminar
EPID 894
Infectious Disease Seminar
EPID 895
Oral Epid Sem
EPID 896
Sem Clin Rsrch/prof Dvlp
EPID 897
Advanced Seminar in Cardiovascular Research
EPID 900
Epidemiology Practice
Epidemiology Laboratory Practice
EPID 910
Research in Epidemiology
EPID 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
EPID 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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