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First-Year Seminar: The Heart of the Play: Fundamentals of A...
First-Year Seminar: Psychology of Clothes: Motivations for D...
First-Year Seminar: Staging America: The American Drama
First-Year Seminar: Spectacle in the Theatre
Documentary Theatre
First-Year Seminar: Style: A Mode of Expression
First Year Seminar: Special Topics
DRAM 115
Perspectives in Drama
DRAM 116
Perspectives in the Theatre
DRAM 117
Perspectives in World Drama
DRAM 120
Play Analysis
DRAM 131
Writing for the Screen and Stage
DRAM 134
Theatrical Auditions
DRAM 135
Acting for Nonmajors
DRAM 140
Voice Training I
DRAM 150
Beginning Acting for the Major
DRAM 155
Movement for the Actor
DRAM 160
DRAM 165
Stage Makeup
DRAM 170
The Playful Actor: Theatre Games and Improvisation
DRAM 191
Technical Methods: Scenery
DRAM 192
Technical Methods: Costume
DRAM 193
Production Practicum
DRAM 196
Dramatic Art Projects
DRAM 231
Playwriting I
DRAM 235
Acting for Nonmajors II
DRAM 240
Voice Training II
DRAM 245
Acting for the Camera
DRAM 250
Intermediate Acting for the Major
DRAM 255
Movement For Actor
DRAM 265
Stage Makeup
DRAM 277
Introduction to Theatrical Design
DRAM 279
Introduction to Theatre Management
DRAM 281
Theatre History and Literature I
DRAM 282
Theatre History and Literature II
DRAM 283
Theatre History and Literature III
DRAM 284
Studies in Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Modern British Drama
DRAM 285
Modern British Drama
DRAM 286
Modern Irish Drama
DRAM 287
African American Theatre
DRAM 288
Theatre for Social Change
DRAM 290
Special Topics in Dramatic Art
DRAM 292
"Corner of the Sky": The American Musical
DRAM 294
Arts Criticism
DRAM 297
African American Women in Theatre
DRAM 300
DRAM 331
Playwriting II
DRAM 350
Advanced Acting for the Major
DRAM 393
Professional Theatre Laboratory
DRAM 460
Stage Management
DRAM 465
Sound Design
DRAM 466
Scene Design
DRAM 467
Costume Design I
DRAM 468
Lighting Design I
Survey of Costume History
DRAM 470
Survey of Costume History
DRAM 473
Costume Construction I
DRAM 474
Costume Construction II
DRAM 475
Costume History: Africa, Asia, and Arabia
Costume History: Africa, Asia, and Arabia
DRAM 480
Period Styles for Production
DRAM 486
Latin American Theatre
DRAM 488
United States Latino/a Theatre
DRAM 489
Carnivals and Festivals of the African Diaspora
DRAM 567
Costume Design II
DRAM 586
Costume Seminars I: Dyeing and Painting
DRAM 587
Costume Seminars II: Millinery and Hair
DRAM 588
Costume Seminars III: Masks and Armor
DRAM 589
Costume Seminars IV: Decorative Arts
DRAM 590
Advanced Special Topics in Dramatic Art
DRAM 650
Costume Production I: Couture Methods
DRAM 666
Media in Performance
DRAM 667
Costume Design for the Technician
Honors Project in Dramatic Art
Honors Project in Dramatic Art
DRAM 720
Acting I
DRAM 721
Acting II
DRAM 722
Voice I
DRAM 723
Voice II
DRAM 724
Movement I
DRAM 725
Movement II
DRAM 726
Rehearsal and Performance I
DRAM 727
Rehearsal and Performance II
DRAM 728
Acting Practicum I
DRAM 750
Advanced Special Studies: Costume Production II: Advanced Co...
DRAM 752
Special Studies: Costume Production III: Tailoring
DRAM 760
Costume Construction III: Advanced Pattern Making
DRAM 762
Costume Construction IV: Advanced Pattern Making
DRAM 764
Costume Construction V: Creative Draping
DRAM 766
Digital Technology in Costume Production
DRAM 770
Period Pattern I: Pre-Victorian
DRAM 772
Period Pattern II: Victorian
DRAM 774
Period Pattern III: 20th Century
DRAM 776
Period Pattern IV: 19th and 20h Century Men's Wear
DRAM 784
Costume Management III: Costume Shop Management
DRAM 790
Costume Laboratory I
DRAM 791
Costume Laboratory II
DRAM 792
Costume Laboratory III
DRAM 793
Costume Laboratory IV
DRAM 800
Technical Direction
DRAM 801
Technical Direction II
DRAM 802
Advanced Technical Direction
DRAM 803
Advanced Technical Direction II
DRAM 805
Special Studies: Technical Production
DRAM 806
Technical Planning and Production
DRAM 813
Special Studies: Technical Production
DRAM 821
Advanced Lighting Design
DRAM 830
Seminar in Professional Practice: Technical Production
DRAM 841
Design Technical Theatre Practicum I
DRAM 842
M.F.A /Technical Theatre Practicum II
DRAM 843
Design Technical Theatre Practicum II
DRAM 844
M.F.A./Technical Practicum IV
DRAM 845
Design Technical Internship
DRAM 992
Master's Final Practicum
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