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DPET 802
DPET 811
Infectious Disease
DPET 812
DPET 813
Cardiovascular Pharmacy
DPET 816
Integrative Medicine
DPET 817
Making Medicine: The Process of Drug Development
DPET 822
Advanced Clinical Pharmacy
DPET 823
International Clinical Classroom Case Discussion
DPET 830
Clin Invest Drugs
DPET 831
Quantitative Methods in Clinical Research
DPET 832
DPET 833
Experimental Design Considerations in Clinical Research
DPET 838
Methods in Pharmacogenomics
DPET 841
Science and Methods in Drug Development
DPET 853
PK Module 1: Pharmacokinetic Concepts and Applications
DPET 854
PK: Module 2: Pharmacodynamic Concepts and Applications
DPET 856
Adv Pk/pd
DPET 857
PK Module 3: Population PK/PD Analysis
DPET 858
PK Module 4: Advanced PK/PD Modeling
DPET 873
Precision Therapeutics Through Genomics
DPET 900
Introduction to DPET Research: Translational Science Journal...
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